Pac-Man Geo comes to Android: the Pac-Man takes you on a trip around the world

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Pac-Man Geo featured

Pac-Man is a game known for decades, which has a large number of adaptations available on Android phones. A new game based on this well-known character is now launched for Android in Spain. It’s about Pac-Man Geo, where any place in the world will be able to become a labyrinth where we can play the well-known title.

In Pac-Man Geo it will be possible to select any site in the world, from cities like London, Tokyo or New York, to our city, so that it becomes the labyrinth in which the well-known kite will play. The ghosts that haunt the protagonist are not lacking in this game either.

Play kite and discover the world

Pac-Man Geo home

Sightseeing as you level up, this is made possible by BANDAI’s Pac-Man Geo. You will be able to see famous places in the world, such as the Arc de Triomphe or Times Square, whose map is transformed into that maze of the comecocos. Thus, each level has a different shape, which is what makes it especially interesting to play, since it will force us to always be attentive to said map and thus know how to move.

The levels that are generated in the game can be shared with other players, which can then be played, although they can also be shared as a challenge, to see who gets the best score. As you play and progress, a series of badges, avatars and articles about the places you have been playing / traveling will be unlocked. These objects will be an aid to the character.

Pac-Man Geo departure

Pac-Man Geo’s proposal seeks to offer something new in a familiar game. The operation of the comet has not changed in this case, we have to overcome each level and prevent the ghosts from catching us. The fact that each place has a different map, with different shapes, makes it more interesting and presents different levels of difficulty.

Pac-Man Geo menu and store

Game controls are not complicated to useAlthough it may be that in some levels, due to the shape of the map, you may run into a problem to send Pac-Man on the desired route, but it is something that gets better as we play. The game’s graphics work well, keeping a certain aesthetic of the original kite, but with new effects, which make it visually appealing.

How to download Pac-Man Geo on Android

Watch video

Pac-Man Geo is now available on the Play Store for free, so that users can download it on their Android phones. Unlike other games, we do not find purchases inside. There are some ads, but generally they are not too annoying. You can download the game from this link:

Pac-Man Geo comes to Android: the Pac-Man takes you on a trip around the world 1

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