Orange’s 5G reaches 295 cities in Spain: how to check if your city is among them

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Orange's 5G reaches 295 cities in Spain: how to check if your city is among them 1

Orange’s 5G has been expanding in Spain for months. Last fall the operator began its deployment in the main cities of the country, before taking it to more than 100 cities at the beginning of this year. This progress continues apace, because now a greater number of cities in Spain can already enjoy this connectivity.

Today they are a total of 295 cities in 38 provinces of Spain those who can finally enjoy 5G from Orange. An important step for the operator, which continues to deploy its network at a good pace throughout the country, allowing users to enjoy it.

So you know if Orange’s 5G is in your city

Orange 5G coverage map

Orange confirms that there are a total of 295 cities in Spain that can enjoy this 5G network. This already represents almost 23% of the population coverage for the operator, who expects this mobile network to be available in more than 400 cities across the country by the end of this year. This figure will mean a population coverage of 51% and over the next year it will reach 90%, combining DSS and NSA.

In today’s announcement the operator you have not specified the list of cities who can enjoy this 5G connectivity already, although they have given a map showing those cities. If you want to be sure if your city or the area of ​​your city where you live can already enjoy it, there is a method to check it. The way to do this is simple, following these steps:

Orange 5G coverage

  1. Go to the coverage map of Orange, in this link.
  2. Enter your city or postal code in the search engine.
  3. Check if 5G is available now.

If your city already has 5G from Orange, you can enjoy a higher speed when browsing or downloading files, as long as you have a smartphone with 5G. The good part is that you don’t need an expensive smartphone to enjoy 5G, because there are very good phones available for less than 300 euros, with which to enjoy this connectivity.

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