Options offered by the Android application to control Yeedi vacuum cleaners

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One of the first things you should know is that the translation is complete in all the sections that exist in the application that you can download in a free in the Play Store. This means that it is not particularly difficult to recognize exactly the buttons you want to use and not get lost in the different menus that you will find. Without a doubt, this we believe is differential with respect to other options that exist in the market.


What the Android Yeedi application offers

First of all, it must be said that the user interface is very clear, since the combination of white and green colors looks quite good and visually highlights all the sections that can be used with the robot vacuum cleaner. An example are the buttons that allow you to start or end a cleaning process or locate the options that are active in the different menus of the app.

The process of setting up a new device is fairly straightforward, as it uses a assistant that provides a QR code that is combined with the camera that exists in the upper area of ​​the accessory. By doing this, and once you provide the WiFi network password from home, in a matter of a few minutes you will have the robot vacuum cleaner fully available to be used.

Once this is done, the next time you open the Android Yeedi application, what you will see is a green box in which it appears the model image of vacuum cleaner that you have at home and simply by pressing on it you enter the section that allows you to manage its operation. And, be careful, at first glance it seems that there are few options that exist, but nothing is further from the truth how we are going to explain to you now.

Options that you can use when using the robot vacuum cleaner

In the upper area you can see a map of the place where the accessory is located and the state it is in, such as if it is connected to the base recharging or waiting to start cleaning. But the really important one is the lower, since, apart from being able to start a cleaning job by pressing the button Play large, from here you can also enter the map management -on the left- or tell the device to return to the charging base if you wish -to the right-.

If you want to access all parameters offered by the Yeedi application, what you have to do is drag up on the screen regularly and these will appear one after another. They are as follows:

  • Cleaning record: here you can see the information of a cleaning process in real time, data such as the square meters that have been cleaned or the type of cleaning program used are provided, and if you click on All records, you will see a history of everything made the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Suction power: here you can choose between the options offered by each of the models that the manufacturer has to use in the different cleaning jobs that are carried out. It is convenient to choose the one that adapts to the floor you have, also taking into account the noise that is generated at the time of operation.
  • Cleaning program: This is quite an important section, since it is possible to create work programs, in a simple way thanks to an assistant, both in which you can indicate the places to be cleaned and the hours in which the robot vacuum cleaner will be activated . To select the desired one you simply have to click on it.
  • Voice report: Many of the devices offered by Yeedi allow through a loudspeaker to emit spoken information regarding the work being carried out, such as if a cleaning process begins or if it is on its way to the charging base. Here it is possible to indicate the volume to be used and also the language.
  • Cleaning preferences: to access here important settings are established such as that the vacuum cleaner continues working if it has to go to the charging base because it runs out of battery, or establish a few hours in which the device is prevented from working and thus not bother (a clear example of this would be when everyone is sleeping at night).

Everything indicated above is important to indicate that it can be managed from anywhere as long as you have Internet access, since the option to remote use it is present in many of the company’s products. Therefore, you can start cleaning the living room right after you leave work or when you are taking a walk and you want to find everything clean when you return.

Other things that are important in this app

Here we want to highlight that if you click on the icon in the upper right area that shows three horizontal dots, you access a screen that contains information which is quite relevant. An example is the state of use parts in cleaning processes such as the side brushes or the filter. If you see a very low percentage, it is time to seriously think about buying spare parts (notifications are sent by the Yeedi application if this happens).

In addition, here you can also, from rename the robot vacuum cleaner or check for an update of firmware that improves the performance of the device. There is even a section called Help in which you can find very useful data such as how to create a map of the house, or the way in which you should clean one of the company’s vacuum cleaners.

We believe that the Yeedi app is one of the they more than meet all the needs that a user can have to control a robot vacuum cleaner in a simple and complete way. In addition, the possibility of using it remotely is an addition that you will surely appreciate on more than one occasion. It has little or nothing to envy other Android apps on the market that fulfill the same function

Offers to get Yeedi vacuum cleaners from 99.99 euros

In the end, this app is useless if we do not have a vacuum cleaner with which to use it. Yeedi has some of the most interesting and inexpensive ones that, in addition, will be on sale in the next few days until May 2.

First of all, the Yeedi K650, which until May 2 has an offer that leaves its price at an interesting 99.99 euros thanks to the code 92OB4LUK that applies a discount of 30 euros on the offer of the vacuum cleaner on Amazon.

But the best product of the company, the Yeedi 2 Hybrid, which is not only a vacuum cleaner but also a floor scrubber, which stays at 219.99 euros thanks to the discount of 80 euros that can be applied on the product page itself on Amazon.