OPPO surpasses Huawei: it is the best-selling brand in China

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OPPO is one of the brands that have grown the most in Spain throughout 2020, with a growing catalog of phones. The good news keeps coming for the manufacturer, who has now achieved an important milestone: have surpassed Huawei as the brand best-selling in China. Huawei has long been the best-selling brand in their country, but they have lost their pulse now.

This is data that comes from Counterpoint Research, which shows that OPPO was crowned as the best-selling brand in China in the month of January. In this way they surpass Huawei, which up to now always remained in the first position and which is seen in a complex situation, losing presence also in its own country.

OPPO overtakes Huawei in China

OPPO sales China January

In January, OPPO was the best-selling brand in China, with a market share of 21%. This is possible thanks to a 33% rise compared to the previous month, in addition to representing a notable 26% rise compared to the same period of the previous year. The manufacturer continues its advance in China since July last year, when they began to leave Huawei behind.

The second position is for Vivo, which is left with a market share of 20%. Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi close the Top 5, all of them with a market share of 16%, although the figures are especially worrying for Huawei, which in the past dominated the Chinese market with a market share much higher than its competitors and now fight to stay in the top five.

Not being able to use components for 5G It is being one of Huawei’s burdens, especially if we take into account that in the last quarter of 2020 65% of mobile phones sold in China had 5G as standard. This is something that has contributed to the drop in sales for the brand in its native country. In addition, the brand has lost presence, especially in the mid-range, where many of its competitors launch models with 5G with adjusted prices.

This decline of Huawei is something that has helped brands like OPPO To gain a presence in China, especially in physical stores they are selling much better. Xiaomi is also benefiting from the fall in sales of the brand, especially in the online market. The sale of Honor in November has also caused them to lose market share, because the sales of Honor phones were added to those of Huawei. It is expected that in 2021 they will continue to lose market presence.

OPPO Reno 5

The OPPO Reno 5 range is being a success for the manufacturer, being the best-selling generation of these models so far in China. It may be that their launch in Spain will also become a success for the manufacturer, which will continue to advance in the Spanish market.

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