Opera GX Mobile, the exclusive browser for gamers

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Opera Limited has released its new mobile browser, called Opera GX Mobile. Through an official statement, this application promises to be a novelty in the sector, since according to the Norwegian company, it is the world’s first mobile browser designed specifically for gamers. At the moment only its first beta version is available, although they have stated that they will soon launch the final version.

Its desktop version, launched in June 2019, has reached stratospheric figures in recent months, since since last year it has experienced a growth of 190% and already has the trust of more than nine million users. Given this success, they have decided to launch their mobile version, including the same features that have captivated the public who already enjoy it on their computers.

Opera GX Mobile Features

Opera GX Mobile incorporates many features and new features compared to other browsers. Among them, this includes personalized navigation with FAB (Quick Action Button) along with vibrations and haptic feedback when we interact with the available elements. They have changed their classic three-button toolbar to a single button to enjoy a more comfortable and simple experience.

Thanks to the Flow function, which has been recently added, we will be able to synchronize all the data that we consult in mobile and computer browsers. We will be able to share tutorials, compilations and lists on all our devices. We will also have access to a very useful place for gamers, the GX Corner, a space where we can check the latest news on everything related to games. It also includes a release schedule that will be updated regularly so that no gamer misses out on upcoming titles.opera gx mobile interface

To achieve this, users will have to scan the QR code displayed in the browser of the device they want to sync. With this we can transfer files with a maximum weight of 10 MB, such as web links, YouTube videos or photographs. In addition to all this, one of the most important aspects is that advertisements and advertising have been significantly blocked, as well as cookies. On the other hand, it has advanced protection settings to guarantee a great user experience for everyone and will serve as protection against crypto miners.

To finish, the browser has incorporated a renewed interface with which we will find ourselves very comfortable and we will have access to all the contents in a very simple way. Opera GX incorporates four themes browser to customize it to our liking: GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze and White Wolf.