Opera for Android is updated and facilitates the integration between mobile and PC

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Opera 60 Android

Opera is a browser that continues to find its place among Android users in Spain. So far this year it has left us with a series of new functions, such as a renewed reading mode. The 60th version of the browser is already launched officially and with it new features are introduced in it.

This new version of the browser leaves us with new functions, including synchronization by QR, as well as facilitating the sending of files and notes between devices in which you are logged in. So these are features that allow Opera to advance better in the market.

Opera 60 releases new features

Opera QR sync

The first of the new functions in Opera is the possibility of connecting the mobile to the PC by means of QR synchronization. With this function, the browser makes it possible link the mobile to the computer by simply reading a QR code, so that you will not have to log in manually, using your email and password. The login process becomes simpler and faster this way.

The other novelty in the browser is also related to this link between mobile and PC. Since it is a function called Flow, which allows send files between mobile and computer (or vice versa), using the browser. Thanks to this function it will be possible to send all kinds of files between the two devices (links, notes, music, documents, photos or videos). It is a safe and easy-to-use space within the browser.

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Opera also introduces a new suggested sites feature. Based on your browsing habits, the browser will suggest different web pages, so that you can access them more quickly when you are using it on your Android phone. These suggestions will be displayed on the main page of the browser. The browser also introduces the correction of some errors present in its previous versions. Version 60 of it has already been launched in the Play Store for Android users.

The entry Opera for Android is updated and facilitates the integration between mobile and PC appears first in The Free Android.