OpenHarmony is Huawei’s rival to Google’s Android AOSP

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When Huawei announced the arrival of a new operating system, for mobiles but also for other types of devices, there were many doubts that arose. We did not know if it would focus on China or reach Spain and other countries.

We currently know that Huawei’s bet will be global, although there may be some differences between China and the rest of the markets. Of course, one of the most important news was that Harmony OS would be open source, which would allow other brands to freely use the platform.

Harmony OS is a variant of OpenHarmony

OpenHarmony is Huawei's rival to Google's Android AOSP 1

What we did not know until now was that what we had known so far, Harmony OS, was the version that Huawei was using, which integrated the HMS or Huawei Mobile Services, but that there would be a different one.

This other version is called OpenHarmony and can be downloaded for free from Gitee, a repository of Chinese code, similar to GitHub. The person in charge of the management is not directly Huawei, but the OpenAtom Foundation, a foundation similar to the Open Handset Alliance that manages Android AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

Within this service we can download the necessary documentation to start working on the implementation of OpenHarmony on many devices, from smartphones to portable devices, through tablets, computers, smart TVs, speakers, headphones, augmented or virtual reality glasses …

Harmony OS reaches mobile phones that were launched with Android

OpenHarmony is Huawei's rival to Google's Android AOSP 2

Huawei’s version has just begun to reach the Huawei P30, the last high-end mobile that arrived with Android as we know it. Now users can choose from that version the new Harmony OS.

The OpenHarmony entry is Huawei’s rival to Google’s Android AOSP listed first in The Free Android.