Open world game with the superhero

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Like many other copies based on this character, it is inspired by the 2014 film of the same name, starring Andrew Garfield. We say inspired because it is not a copy of what happens in the film, it has differential aspects that focus on the development of the story. A multiplatform game but on Android we find a fairly balanced title.

In-depth analysis of the story mode

As it is the official game of the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the title closely follows what is shown on the big screen. In this way, New York City is taken over by the fearsome Electro and a rapidly expanding cohort of criminals throughout the city.

the amazing spider man 2 home

Of course, despite its official character, the title does not follow exactly what is embodied in the film, since the integration of certain licenses such as levels and unpublished situations is allowed, as well as the appearance of the occasional Marvel star guest like Screwball or the beautiful Black Cat. And aside from petty thugs, among the bad guys we must chase are villains such as Venom, Kraven or even the Green Goblin, already one of the differences with the film product.

the amazing spider man 2 graphics

Assuming the role of Spider-Man, we have to fulfill the different missions that they are entrusting us. And these are divided into two clearly differentiated types: main and the high schools. The former are marked on our map (and on the GPS) by blue points, while the secondary objectives are reflected by red circles. We have full freedom to get into those missions that we most want to carry out at all times, although we already warned you that in many cases the secondary objectives are mere “fillers” that hardly contribute anything to the action or the story, this being precisely one of the main defects of the title.

Open world and very advanced fighting

To move around the Big Apple, we can help ourselves with spider webs, thus enjoying an excellent movement capacity, agile and well designed, being one of the best assets of the adventure. In short, the character moves very fluidly, allowing him to climb and run along the facades of buildings without any problem. Thanks to this, it is possible to explore New York City at our leisure, an activity that is complemented by hand-to-hand combat.

the amazing spider man 2 combat

And it is that in a vast majority of cases to overcome each objective it is necessary to eliminate the rivals that are appropriate. Spider-Man has a good range of actions and blows that he can perform in a fluid way thanks to a system of touch control (using icons that appear on the screen) that works perfectly. We have three virtual buttons to perform different movements, one of them being a kind of definitive ability that finishes off enemies, as well as sporadic gestures on the screen to perform combos that leave blows in slow motion and very spectacular.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, an RPG to compensate for the monotony

One of the most frequent problems that we can find in the adventure is that the same development of the combats and of irrelevant side missions and, for that very reason, sometimes the title falls into monotony of situations, although it is true that the developers have tried to alleviate this problem. And it is that although the exploration and the battles are the base of the adventure, other elements have also been added that try to bring more life to the matter.

the amazing spider man 2 city

On the one hand, it is possible to go improving skills of the protagonist as we advance, being able to choose between a suggestive batch of improvements such as greater resistance, new techniques, etc. And, also, small alternative game mechanics have been incorporated, such as brief QTE sequences that it is necessary to overcome from time to time.

Despite being a game from 2014, when it comes to graphics it is still a solid title that pulls out its chest with the Gameloft graphics engine. The city of Manhattan is very well recreated, at least roughly, and less significant details such as traffic or pedestrians are also taken into account. The soundtrack features melodies very similar to other Spider-Man productions, although the game leaves more prominence to sound effects both in combat and in exploring the city.

How to download the Amazing Spider-Man 2

Keep in mind that it is a game from many years ago and that it is not so easy to find it for download. Rather than find it, it is more difficult to get it to work on a newer Android device. Normally, these games are downloaded by an APK file, which is responsible for installing the game in the terminal. This case will be different, since we are going to follow a APK Installer, which has been an application that allows you to install the Spider-Man game. That installer has a weight of about 600 MB, although to install the game we will need 1.3 GB.

the amazing spider man 2 download

Once in the installer, click »Install» for the process to begin. It is the same as installing a normal APK file, so there is not much complexity in it. The game, as a general rule, should load without any problem. It should be noted that this version has a mod introduced with unlimited money, which also has most of the story mode completed. No problem, in the game pause, we can click on »Reset» to start the adventure again. What can be a problem is the language, since it is in English, although we can overcome the story with hardly any difficulties.