Open multiple websites at once with one file in Windows

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This is a process that is repeated in most cases, both in domestic and professional settings. Specifically, we refer to the process of starting the PC and executing certain programs. Here the text editor, the web browser, the online communication application, etc. come into play. But at the same time, if we focus on everything related to the Internet, the truth is that in most cases, when we sit down at the computer, we immediately open the same set of websites.

Among these, the most common is to access the email, social networks, some blogs favorites, etc. From there we are adapting navigation to our day-to-day needs. We must also admit that, once we have started the favorite browser, the creation and use of bookmarks is a great help in most cases. However, along these lines, we are going to make things a little easier for you.

Chrome bookmarks

Advantages of opening several websites at once in your browser

Specifically, we refer to the possibility that we can open several sites in Windows with a single desktop shortcut. This one we could run whenever we need it, so saving time in this case would be important. This is something that is especially evident if we have the habit of opening the same set of websites often.

The first thing that we must take into account with these that we comment on, is that this file that we are going to show you, works in any browser. Therefore we will not have to worry about the compatibility of browsers with all this. As we told you, this is a method based on a direct access that works with any program of this type that we have established by default in the system. And it is actually a file that we place on the desktop. In this way, when we use or run it, the websites that we have specified open automatically in the default browser.

Open multiple websites at once in Windows

To all this we must add that to achieve the objective we seek here, we do not need any special software or extensions for the program. The process that we are going to show you creates a very easy file to edit in the future that will serve us for these purposes. For this we are only going to use the memo pad, an application that is pre-installed on Windows computers.

What is a .bat file

For all this that we tell you, open several websites at once without using bookmarks or extensions, we will use a .bat file. For those who do not know, actually here we talk about batch files that perform tasks automatically according to the instructions that we indicate inside. In the case at hand, several web addresses are opened at the same time and automatically as soon as it is executed. Keep in mind that these files, for years, have many uses.

For example we can create a .bat file to move files by clicking on it, to turn off the screen, etc. Also, we don’t need advanced programming knowledge to create one. In fact, we will only have to copy and paste a few commands and add the websites that we want to use here.

How to create the file to open a set of websites

The first thing we do is open the text editor with which we are going to create the .bat file as such. For this we use the Windows Notepad typing its name in the search box to run it.

Open notepad

Similarly, we also have the ability to right-click anywhere on the desktop and select the New / Text Document option. Saying that both methods open a blank text document with this editor and thus create a file with plain text, the rich text that for example we obtain in Word. Well, the first command that we are going to introduce in it will be the following:

@echo off

Then we just have to enter our personalized list of websites that we want to open together in one go. To do this we just have to enter the full URL. For example, it is very possible that one of them was ours, so you would only have to write:

This is something that we will have to repeat, on different lines, as many times as we want. Of course, for the process that we are looking for here to work as it should, before each website on the list, it must be preceded by the start command. Therefore each of these lines would be like this. as in the example below.


webs archive

Save and edit the file to open webs automatically

Well, as we mentioned here, we can introduce as many entries with the web as we need, all of them placed and structured as we have shown you. Once we have finished with the composition itself, it is time to save the file to open webs automatically, correctly.

To do this, in Notepad, we go to the menu File / Save As. Here we have to specify its location, although it is recommended to place it on the Windows Desktop itself. At the same time we give it a representative name that will serve us for the future, and importantly, we give it the .bat extension that we talked about before.

Save bat webs

In this way, every time we double click on that file, the websites indicated in the browser default. At the same time, if we want to add or delete some of these entries, we just have to click on the file with the right button, and select Edit to be able to modify it.