OnePlus will add all these improvements to its mobiles, but it will not return to the pure Android design

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OnePlus is one of the preferred brands by Android enthusiasts in Spain. The company has taken a complete turnaround in recent months, creating more expensive mobiles than ever, affordable versions in its Nord range that aren’t always worth it, and major changes to its software. As if so much change was not enough, one of the co-founders most loved for his closeness to users recently left the company.

In the meantime, we have the consolation that OnePlus still maintains part of its essence in terms of philosophy. The company has been listening to its users to learn what improvements they would like to see in Oxygen OS, the customization layer of their system.

OnePlus will improve OxygenOS with community suggested improvements

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OnePlus started an event with its community called IDEAS in September. It is not the first time they have done something like this, and as on the previous occasion it is a period in which users can make the next improvements to the system (why spend money on R&D if you can ask your users what they want and that both parties benefit).

In this latest edition, they have selected the next features that Oxygen OS will receive. Despite being accepted by OnePlus, the company has not given dates for these functions, so they will arrive as they are prepared for the system. The improvements in particular are:

  • FPS (images per second) counter in gaming mode.
  • Independent volume meter for each application.
  • Personalization on the lock screen.
  • Wireless file transfer between PC and OnePlus mobiles.
  • Power Diet(extreme battery saving mode).
  • Dark mode that allows you to use full black instead of gray.
  • Partial screenshots.

OnePlus will add all these improvements to its mobiles, but it will not return to the pure Android design 1

In addition to accepted ideas,there are also proposed ideas that have been discarded. One of the most controversial is the return of the classic look of pure Android design to Oxygen OS. This rejection is very particular since the similarities to the Samsung layer have raised all kinds of complaints among those who loved Oxygen for its resemblance to Google’s Android. This rejection goes straight to the heart.

In the meantime, that OnePlus continues to have a user-centric approach is a good sign. We will see if this approach persists in time and this strange 2020 is only a transition period in OnePlus towards a better time.

The OnePlus entry will add all these improvements to your phones, but it will not return to the pure Android design that appears first in The Free Android.