OnePlus smart bracelet is real: first leaked image

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At this point we are not surprised if we see a leaked product before its presentation, that they tell Samsung. The curious thing is to be able to see a high quality image as the first leak of a product that, in all probability, will be international.

We are talking about the OnePlus bracelet, which will be its first wearable and which we hope can be purchased in Spain, although everything indicates that its launch will be in India.

This bracelet will be the rival of the Mi Band 5

As in high-priced smartwatches, the Apple Watch is the reference, when we look at cheap smart bracelets, it is Xiaomi that calls the shots.

Now OnePlus has confirmed on its Twitter account that it is preparing what will be its first bracelet, in an image in which it is seen at the bottom, although it is more of a teaser than anything else.

However, another source has managed to get hold of a much more interesting image in which we see the bracelet from various angles, showing an OLED screen and an aesthetic that is very reminiscent of the models we already know.

OnePlus smart bracelet is real: first leaked image 1

We do not know if this bracelet will be presented together with the OnePlus 9 or in another event although the leaks speak of an event of its own on January 11.

It is speculated that the price will be around 30 euros in India, similar to that of the Honor or Xiaomi proposals.

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