OnePlus, on the way to losing its essence: its R&D team would have merged with Oppo

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Few brands are as beloved in Spain as OnePlus, a firm that for years has gained great fame for its great focus on performance and software quality, with a clean customization layer and great agility to be up-to-date in versions. from Android.

It seems that little by little we are seeing many changes in OnePlus, and it is that Oxygen OS 11 has already lost part of the essence that we liked about OnePlus. Apparently, the company would be close to losing much of its essence.

OnePlus could lose its development team, which would become part of Oppo

Oppo and OnePlus have been companies often compared to each other, as they both belong to the same group, BBK Electronics. It seems that within the group they intend to improve synergies, and it is these two companies would have more similarities than differences.

According to an exclusive from DoNews, the R&D teams of OnePlus and Oppo have been merged, according to reports from internal sources at Oppo, and the new employees of the department are being hired by Oppo, not OnePlus. This union of the departments would have begun last December, and according to DoNews it would follow a similar structure to the relationship that Xiaomi and Redmi have, companies that also share a team.

OnePlus, on the way to losing its essence: its R&D team would have merged with Oppo 1The electrochromic glass of the OnePlus 8T Concept is a technology already used by the Oppo Reno 5.

Not that OnePlus was a company that stood out for its own innovations. While it was one of the first brands to go for fast charging, the Warp Charge system (formerly known as Dash Charge) uses essentially the same technology as Oppo’s VOOC fast charge, and if you look closely, both chargers are essentially the same ( the same is true for realme’s Dart load). The electrochromic glass that we have seen in OnePlus concept phones is the same technology that is being used in the Oppo Reno 5 that are already on the market.

The movement should not surprise us, and it is that in 2020 we saw strange launches like the OnePlus Nord N100, which is exactly the same mobile as the Oppo A53, but with a name change and Oxygen OS instead of Color OS, a mobile that our The judgment had little or nothing to do with the essence that OnePlus once gave off.

Although the R&D department would be joint, this is not the case in the software department, where the Oxygen OS team would continue to be independent from the Color OS team, despite the fact that little by little both layers have more points in common. Still, the future is uncertain and anything can happen.

The OnePlus entry, on the way to losing its essence: its R&D team would have merged with Oppo appears first in The Free Android.