OnePlus founder buys Essential, but what for?

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Interview with Carl Pei, OnePlus

Despite the fact that OnePlus continues to be a very beloved company in Spain, in recent months we have seen a radical change in the company’s strategy, with much more expensive models and an expansion of the catalog expanding to the mid and low range.

Without a doubt, the most notable was the departure of Carl Pei, one of the company’s co-founders. After his departure, he would create a new company called Nothing, a company that to this day we were not sure what direction he would take. Today we know the first clue, and that is that Pei has acquired the Essential mobile brand, giving us clues about its future.

Carl Pei buys Essential to go back to mobiles?

Thanks to 9to5 Google we have been able to know a news that would reveal the future of the co-founder of OnePlus, having found a document in the intellectual property offices of the United Kingdom. In this document we know of a transfer of the Essential brand by Andy Rubin to Carl Pei.

OnePlus founder buys Essential, but what for? 1

Does it mean that Carl Pei now has a smartphone company? Not much less, since it is a transfer of the registered trademark, and not the company or its assets (as we recall, Essential closed a year ago).

What Carl can do after the change of ownership is to create products under the Essential brand. It can be a new mobile, but also a headset, a smart light bulb or even a clothing brand if you wish.

OnePlus founder buys Essential, but what for? 2Official page of Nothing, Carl Pei’s new company.

If we go to the website of his new company Nothing, we have a countdown that currently indicates less than 14 hours for what could be his first big announcement. If this first announcement has to do with Essential or not is something that we will know tomorrow around 11:14 Spanish time.

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