OnePlus Buds: OnePlus confirms your wireless headphones

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This month we have an appointment with OnePlus, who will present his new phone cheap called Nord. It is a phone with which the brand will return to the more economical models, something that many see with good eyes, following the rise in price of its recent range high. Phone on the that we know everything, and that will not come only at its launch in Spain. The brand will also present its headphones OnePlus Buds.

The OnePlus Buds promise to be also a release of importance for the brand, as will be its first wireless headphones. Already a few days ago it was said that it would file this July 21, with the OnePlus Nord. Now the brand itself confirms this news and announces its first wireless headphones.

The OnePlus Buds arrive this month

OnePlus Buds: OnePlus confirms your wireless headphones 1

The OnePlus Buds are headphones True Wireless (TWS)so they are the first headphones of the brand completely wireless, no wire. The headphones are independent of each other, without cables, in addition to a charging case where to save and where it can be loaded at all times so as to expand the use of its battery.

The brand says that users looking for headphones that give a good sound and a good user experience. This is exactly what we can expect from these new headphones from the brand. Although the brand has still not given clues as to what features we can expect in the same as noise cancellation, for example. Headphones that promise to be an ideal accessory for the phones of the brand.

On the 21st of July will be when these OnePlus Buds are present officially, next to the OnePlus Nord. The event will continue to be live by 16:00 hours Spanish time. We will be able to follow a live streams, additionally, the brand gives the possibility to follow this event of presentation in Augmented Reality, through the application AR OnePlus Nord, available on Google Play.

The entrance OnePlus Buds: OnePlus confirms your wireless headphones appears first in Android Free.