OnePlus brings the design of Oxygen OS 11 to its mobiles with Android 10

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OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus launcher is available for devices from the manufacturer in Spain and is updated frequently, introducing all kinds of improvements. A new version of its launcher is already launched, version, where we find a new appearance, with the design of OxygenOS 11, which reaches mobiles that do not yet have this update.

There are mobiles within the brand’s catalog that will still have to wait a while to update to Android 11 with Oxygen OS 11. For the wait to be somewhat more bearable, The new version of the OnePlus launcher carries the design of Oxygen OS 11 to these devices.

OnePlus Launcher Brings Oxygen OS 11 Design

OnePlus launcher Oxygen OS 11

The new version of OnePlus launcher is already launched on Google Play, with a major change in its interface. The brand introduces the aesthetics of Oxygen OS 11 in the launcher, so that users who still have Android 10 on their phones can enjoy this new interface, while they wait for the release of the update. The launcher leaves us with the appearance, but it does not bring the functions that we saw in this update.

There are some changes available for these devices, even if there is no access to Google Discover yet, you can enjoy a new look for Shelf and there are also a handful of new search gestures in it. The stability of this launcher has also been improved, as well as new animations.

This new version of the launcher is released for OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus Nord. All these devices of the brand have not yet updated to Android 11 with Oxygen OS 11, so this new version allows you to see what the interface will look like once they have access to the definitive update, over the next few months.

Launcher version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store in the mentioned models. A good way to test the Oxygen OS 11-based design while you wait for the manufacturer to release the update sometime this year.

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