OnePlus 9 Pro unveiled, and there’s a surprise with the cameras!

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OnePlus 9 Pro unveiled, and there's a surprise with the cameras! 1

OnePlus has managed to position itself in Spain as one of the most focused companies when it comes to offering mobile phones with great speed, a highly customizable software experience and a great multimedia experience, but the company still had unfinished business to compete in the big leagues, as is the field of photography.

It is not that OnePlus mobiles take bad photos, far from it, but as its best models have raised the price, it has been noted that they are not yet up to the best, but the company seems to be willing to continue progressing, and the OnePlus 9 Pro would take a huge leap in quality.

The OnePlus 9 Pro appears revealing its design and an important detail in its cameras

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Almost by surprise, the well-known YouTuber Dave2D has surprised us with a mobile that has not yet been presented and that the most Android enthusiasts will wait for. It is the one that allegedly would end up being called OnePlus 9 Pro, a mobile similar to the prototype of the OnePlus 9 that we saw weeks ago.

This mobile includes a curved screen like its predecessor, supporting QHD + resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. But where we find more surprises is in its photographic module, which stands out for, in addition to including 4 cameras, being signed by Hasselblad .

OnePlus 9 Pro unveiled, and there's a surprise with the cameras! 2

If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, Hasselblad is a renowned manufacturer of cameras and lenses, a veteran company that in 2021 celebrates 80 years since it was founded. The Hasselblad logo on the camera is no coincidence, it is likely that at the launch of the mobile they will also announce a collaboration agreement between both companies.

This type of alliance could be similar to the one Huawei had with Leica, an agreement that was a turning point in the field of mobile photography for the Chinese manufacturer. The question now is, will it end up being for OnePlus?

It’s something only time will tell.

The entrance Unveiled the OnePlus 9 Pro, and there is surprise with the cameras! appears first in The Free Android.