One of the best SEGA games for Android

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Table of Contents

A game that already has almost 30 years behind it, since it was released in 1991. Let’s see if it maintains the essence in its adaptation on Android or has gone in other directions looking for a renewal.

Streets of Rage Classic
Streets of Rage Classic

SEGA Forever, the Street of Rage launcher

To sum up a bit the most skeptical by age, Street of Rage is a video game of the type beat ’em up with lateral scroll, with graphics totally characteristic of the time. Pixels everywhere and gameplay with limited animations, but it was a real revolution at the time, becoming one of the most popular SEGA games. In fact, this saga is still being marketed with a much more recent installment, but that is another story.

street forever menu

As far as Android is concerned, the game belongs to SEGA Forever catalog, released exclusively to bring these historical titles to the small screen like Sonic or The Revenge of Shinobi. In practice, it is a kind of game launcher, although each of them is downloaded individually from the Play Store.

Street of Rage is pure essence to SEGA Mega Drive

Before we begin, there are several curious details that we must mention. On the home screen, we can configure some graphic options such as setting different screen filters or leveling the resolution of the screen, opting for the classic 4: 3 or by a few more refined pixels. To start the game, as in the past, we can play the game individually or between 2 players, a detail that is appreciated.

street of rage gameplay

Beyond the ads if we have the free version, which is not a great annoyance either, the game behaves like the 16-bit era, both in plot content as even in the layout of the controls. Only two more have been added, one for save the game at any time and another to rewind in the level.

street of rage gameplay

Another different story is the control system. Although it has the same layout as the Mega Drive controller, the reality is that the sensations are not the same. He directional joystick doesn’t feel right, does not respond to keystrokes or is agile to the touch. It is difficult to imitate the rapid movements that we must make to overcome the increasingly complex levels in this game.

We understand that it is not easy to bring a 1991 title to the small screen of mobile phones, but the truth is that it impoverishes the nostalgic experience it generates. However, it is fully playable, if we adopt the idea of ​​not lifting the finger from the joystick at any time.