Old and famous photos restored in color

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An idea that brings color back to black and white, the work of Sanna Dullaway who has brought color back to 34 old and famous photographs

In today’s world, getting attention is one of those things to consider if you want to sell your own skill, especially when it comes to working with photography, graphics, image manipulation or communication in general. It is necessary to invent something curious that in a short time can bounce between blogs and social networks, from one country to another.

Swedish-born Sanna Dullaway had an idea and restored 34 historic photos by giving them their colors back. Using a Wacom bamboo tablet and Photoshop, he colored each photo with a time ranging from 20 minutes to two hours. The photos appeared on Reddit on behalf of Mygrapefruit.

The thing is very interesting, if you think that with this technique we could completely change our imagination of a past always linked to black and white., allowing us to see the colors of Lincoln or the cloud mushroom, giving life to that moment stolen from history. Technically, the work is superlative and requires great vision and understanding of color to achieve such realistic results. You can find more information about the artist, Sanna Dullaway, on your own website, page of Flickr and the deviantART profile.