OK command, Google works again on Wear OS

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Wear OS

Users in Spain with a smartwatch with Wear OS took a while without being able to use the command «OK, Google» on your devices. A problem that also affected recent models such as the TicWatch Pro 3. Google admitted that there were problems with the voice command, which was not always recognized correctly.

The company was working on a solution to this problem, which is finally beginning to reach users. Google is rolling out Wear OS updates in which the “OK, Google” command works normally again. Some updates that are starting to roll out already.

OK, Google is back to Wear OS

OK command, Google works again on Wear OS 1

This problem with the command «OK, Google» is solved on Wear OS version, which is the one that Google is currently deploying between the operating system clocks. The company has not made any announcement about the launch of this version, but many users have already received it on their watches, allowing this problem to be solved.

The problem affected users with brand watches such as OPPO, TicWatch, Fossil or Motorola, They couldn’t use the “OK, Google” command this way. Users with watches from any of these brands, such as TicWatch Pro 3, who have already received this update, comment that this command works normally again in it.

To check if the “OK, Google” command works on the watch, you must first have this option activated on the watch. In the customization section in the settings This option can be activated on the watch, so you can use voice commands with your watch. If you have this option activated, when you receive the update you can use it again.

If you have a watch with Wear OS, you will only have to wait to receive this update, with which this failure is corrected. The command is already starting to work for many users, although it may not have reached you yet. In the next few hours this update will be deployed so that you will be able to use this command again.

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