Oh, the irony: the creator of Killed by Google, signed Google

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Oh, the irony: the creator of Killed by Google, signed Google 1

In the world there are coincidences strange, ironic and even funny. One of them is Cody Ogden, a developer known for the famous page Killed By Googlewhere documents every service that has been eliminated by the big G. And now, the company lives up to its name would point to hire you.

But, what is Killed by Google? How and why Google would want to employ someone who created a page that makes negative publicity to your company? We tell you everything we know.

Killed by Google, the page that shows the shame of Google

Oh, the irony: the creator of Killed by Google, signed Google 2

Google is a company that has our sympathy, and it is that in a matter of a free Internet service which is more and better utilities it offers, in addition to carrying the Android development. Google does all this for charity, because at the end of accounts where Google makes money is with the advertising that directed with precision to our profiles according to our data.

Something very characteristic of the company is not afraid to venture into new projects, but also shakes the pulse at the time of closing a service that does not end of work in the company, even if that service is extremely popular.

Such is the history of Google one day, Cody Ogden created a website called Killed by Google, a cemetery digital where are all the services that Google has thrown the close, still to date, 199. As the creator of this website has received a new offer of employment from the last company that you could expect.

Official website Killed by Google.

Google tab the creator of the web that makes a mockery of them

“Hello Cody.

I hope that you and your loved ones are well despite the circumstances that we’re facing all now.

I’ve come across your profile, and your experience fits with some of the opportunities that we have now in Google.

I would like to call you by phone to better understand in which you are currently working on and to know if you would be interested in new opportunities in the Bay Area”.

The creator Killed by Google received this email a few hours by the own Google, an e-mail if both parties agree would becoming to the company that made your website viral.

What is certain is that by analyzing your Linkedin profile, Cody Ogden is a developer with nearly 11 years of experience in the sector, being a specialist in user interfaces and user experience. It is true that the project most famous is the one that makes the situation curious, but her expertise in the world of development is also an endorsement of their capabilities.

Exit and exit, we expect that Cody will follow going great and that Killed by Google not end up being deleted by Google.

The entry-Oh, the irony: the creator of Killed by Google, signed Google appears first in Android Free.