Official Twitter in Spanish and a raffle for followers

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It is news that has jumped just this week and that you have barely been in force for hours. In fact, the account only has a couple of tweets created, so they haven’t had much time to write news about the game yet. He already has a sizeable following, but to grow that portfolio, Genshin intends to make his first interaction with the community.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

The arrival of Genshin Impact to Twitter Spain, a matter of hours

As they communicate in their brand new official account, it has been a consensual process and a long preparation for disembark on Twitter Spain. The truth is that it was not a risky move either, since in the Spanish territory it already has a fairly wide community of active players. It was a safe step as well as necessary, because all the news published by Paimon, the official account in English, was done in a language that is not accessible to everyone.

It is true that from the beginning miHoYo has had a website fully adapted to Spanish, where all the news was published. However, they are now much more accessible through publications on the social network, where links to the web are included for more extensive information. Also, remember that the game already has accounts in other countries like China or France.

Despite its few hours of life, the official account already has almost 50 thousand followers, although Genshin Impact intends to approach the 900 thousand that the Chinese version has with a special novelty. And it is that it will carry out a raffle for 100 followers of the account in Spain, specifically it will give a Lunar Blessing to each of the winners. It is not yet known when the draw will take place.

Rite of the Lantern, the first event that publishes

Genshin Impact has posted on the Twitter account what is his first announcement about a title event. Specifically, it is the event ‘Rite of the Lantern’, which coincides with the first day of the full moon of the year and which will be available from Wednesday, February 10 at 10:00 until February 28, 2021 at 03:59. This event will bring a lot of new special missions and challenges with which we can win a 4 star Liyue character for free and many other rewards.

genshin impact lantern rite event

There are requirements to participate in the event, which are to have reached the Adventure Rank 23 or higher, to complete Chapter I: act I “The land between the monoliths” and perform the legendary mission of Xiao: “King of the Golden Wings”, a mission that comes after the character Zhongli.

The Rite of the Lantern event is divided into four parts or phases well differentiated, which are defined by four blocks of missions. You have to comply with a series of anecdotes, something similar to finding the elemental combinations. further the Celeste Market will open during three different stages. The first begins on the first day the event is activated, the second on the fifth day, and the third on the ninth day. This market can be used Talismans of peace to exchange for rewards.