Of 70 to 300€: 5 tablets to consider if you want to buy a

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Of 70 to 300€: 5 tablets to consider if you want to buy a 1

Despite the fact that the market of the Android tablets have never taken off as expected, the selection available in the market is wide, in fact a few days ago, we came new models of Samsung and Lenovo, for example. Many users wish to have a, with which you can browse, view media content, to study or to be able to download games and applications, but do not want to spend much.

This is why here we leave you with 5 tablets that we can find at the moment with good prices, of between 70 and 300 euros. In this way you carry a tablet of quality, that is going to give the performance and desired functions, but without having to spend too much money on it.

Amazon Tablet Fire 7

Of 70 to 300€: 5 tablets to consider if you want to buy a 2

One of the tablets, most well-known of Amazon, which was being renovated last spring and is presented as a cheap model, but that gives us most of the functions that we seek in a device of this type. This model has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and is presented as the door of access to content Amazon (Prime or store own brand). Although you can also download apps like Skype, Spotify and many more in it.

This tablet does not have Google Play Storeas possibly already know many. In addition, this version of the tablet, the cheaper, comes with ads, which are displayed between the screens, not when you’re using an app, which is not too annoying when you use it, luckily.

It is one of the tablets cheaper than we can find, with a price of only 69,99 euros on Amazon currently. A good choice for reading, watching multimedia content or play, without having to spend hardly any money to do this.

Purchase Amazon Fire 7 for only 69,99 euros

Huawei MediaPad M6

Of 70 to 300€: 5 tablets to consider if you want to buy a 3

Huawei is one of the brands most active in the market of Android tablets, refreshing its range annually. One of the most recent models inside of your range is the MediaPad M6, in this case the large version with a screen of 10.8 inches. It is a tablet powerful, which uses Kirin 980 processor, alongside 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.

Is a tablet ideal for work, because we can use a keyboard with itin addition to having support for the stylus pen M-Pen, to write or draw on it. It also has a kid mode, which allows access to your games and applications education, adenás of having a mode that protects your eyes and helps better posture.

This tablet can be buy at the price of 299,99 euros Amazon. One of the tablets a more complete and powerful in its range, which stands out for its versatility of use, by what is presented as an option what is more interesting to consider in this field.

Purchase the Huawei MediaPad M6 at a price of 299,99 euros

Lenovo Tab M10

Of 70 to 300€: 5 tablets to consider if you want to buy a 4

The Lenovo Tab M10 is a tablet similar to the M10 Plus the brand presented this week in China. This tablet has also a screen of 10.3 inches of sizethat makes it a good option to watch videos, series or movies in it, in addition to enjoy games. In your case the battery has a size of 5,000 mAh, which is still a good ability, that should give you a good autonomy.

It is not a tablet especially powerful, but when consuming multimedia content, browsing, gaming or travelling it presents itself as a very convenient optionalso ideal for the little ones of the house. This tablet device has Android Foot as the operating system.

You can buy today at a price of 199,99 eurosso that is a accessible model, with a good relation quality-price. If you were looking for among the tablets bigger and bigger, this is a model that is worth having in mind.

Purchase the Lenovo Tab M10 for only 199,99 euros on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-Inch

Of 70 to 300€: 5 tablets to consider if you want to buy a 5

Samsung is one of the brands with more Android tablets on the market, in addition to being the best sold in this market segment. Have models very powerful and high-end, but the brand has also tablets more accessible, for less than 300 euros, as this Galaxy Tab To 10.1 inches in size. A tablet for all audiences, both children and adults.

It is a tablet mid-range, which is going to give a good performance, being able to play games, download apps, watch videos, series or movies without any problems. The have a large screen can help to ensure that the viewing experience is better. In addition, it has a great battery 6,000 mAh capacity, which gives a good autonomy.

This tablet of Samsung can be buy now at a price of 249 euros temporarily, your normal price is 275,99 euros. So it is a good option within the mid-range tablets on Android, which gives adequate performance at all times.

Purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for 249 euros

Alcatel 3Q

Of 70 to 300€: 5 tablets to consider if you want to buy a 6

A tablet that was presented in Novemberas an inexpensive option, that can definitely have its audience. It has a screen of 10 inch size, but what stands out above all is its sound, as I have when it was introduced. As it comes with two front speakers, in addition to having an extra accessory that you can buy to make your sound even better. So it is a tablet with many options.

In addition, their microphones are better, so that you can situate at a distance of up to three meters and replace devices at home or we can listen to yet. A bet is interesting because of the audio and the sound that Alcatel has had with this tablet, something unusual in the field of tablets.

This tablet can be purchased at a price of 175 euros on Amazon. It is presented as an accessible model, focusing on the sound, with specifications modest, but dependable at all times.

Purchase the Alcatel 3T for only 175 euros on Amazon

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