Octopus: share your expenses from Netflix, Spotify, Disney + and more

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Many users in Spain share an account or plan on streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney + or Amazon with friends or family. This helps lower costs and everyone can enjoy the content in each one. Although there are not always people in your environment interested and if this is the case, Pulpo is a good help.

Pulpo is a Spanish platform that will act as an intermediary to create user groups that share share on platforms such as Netflix, Disney +, Spotify or HBO, among other. They will help you find other people to pay less each month, but at all times in a safe way.

Octopus helps you share fees

Octopus groups

Pulse will be a secure intermediary that will connect those users looking to share quotas. Create groups over the Internet, where all the details will be saved (passwords, bank accounts, preventing the owner from closing the account …) so that users are sure at all times that nothing will happen and that anyone can join that group in question.

In the groups we meet a host who is who has contracted a specific subscription and who will provide the bank account number (to receive payments) and password to access. The web will be in charge of finding users who are going to join that group to share expenses. Any user who joins the group (as long as it is open) will provide their bank card and pay the same amount of money each month.

Group in Octopus join

Each group in Pulpo indicates how many people will be able to join it, being somewhat variable depending on the subscription. If a group is not full, the host will still pay the full fee. The prices will be the same, unless some platform raises its prices, as happens with Disney +, for example. In that case, that price increase will be distributed in your quota.

On this website we have a monthly commission for those users who join groups, as compensation for operating expenses. The host of the group does not pay this commission by having created the account and the risk of paying more money if the group is not filled. The web checks at all times if the groups work, so if the host closes his account without warning or changes his password, another group is searched for you or the money is paid to you.

Octopus running


Pulpo is a good option to share subscriptions on streaming platforms in Spain, to pay less every month. On their website you can join and discover what groups there are.

What platforms does it support

Disney + cover

The selection of streaming platforms that we find it is not too extensive, but it groups together the main platforms and services that we currently find in Spain. These are the platforms that exist:

  • Disney +.
  • Filmin.
  • HBO.
  • Movistar Plus Lite.
  • Netflix.
  • Spotify.

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