Now you can install the camera of Google for Android Go: all of its features

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Camera Google Pixel 2 XL

One of the most popular cameras of Android is Google, and the reason of its popularity is in the results that is able to get, being on many occasions indicated that Google seems to do magic with your camera.

That’s why, when announced along with Nokia, a camera designed to take full advantage of Android G0 we get excited. How this would be the start of mobile extremely inexpensive able to make good photographs? As yet it is difficult to tell, but at least we can try the camera of Google for Android Go on almost any mobile device.

The camera of Google for Android Go you can already test

In the last hours has appeared for Internet, the camera of Google for Android Go, a camera that will come officially with the Nokia 1.3, the latest mobile with Android Go Nokia. This camera, however, is compatible with most mobile and is now available for download, although it is not yet available in an official manner.

overview of the camera of google for android go

The camera interface is similar to that which we have seen in the camera of the Google Pixel with a series of puntializaciones. This camera for example includes the button of a magnifying glass to include direct access to a zoom.

space available in the application

When you click on the icon above shows us in a detailed way the available space we have, indicating the figure in the photos, or hours of viewing time.

translator and portrait mode camera android go

The two key aspects of this camera basic are the translation mode and the portrait mode. The first is able to integrate with the Google translator to translate texts directly from the camera application (although in this version we have not been able to make it work), while the portrait mode is able to blur all that we have behind the subject of the photo. Works with both the front camera as the rear.

results stock vs android go

And speaking of the portrait mode, this would be the difference in the quality of a photograph on a Pixel-2 XL. The first picture is used the portrait mode of the camera original Google, while the second is taken by the same mobile phone, but using the camera of Android Go.

It was expected that with the camera of Android Go have results of lower quality (in the end, it is a version limited to devices with only 1 GB of RAM memory and a lot less computing power). One aspect to keep in mind, though, is that this software if that should improve the experience of cameras are extremely cheap. In no time Google is going to get you a mobile of 100 euros to get the quality of a flagship.

What if they can get it is very cheap mobile with a camera decentand to know it will have to wait to test these terminals.

If you’re curious to test the camera of Google for Android Go you will have to download the APK file through the link below.

The entrance Since you can install the camera of Google for Android Go: all its features will first appear in The Android Free.