Now yes, WhatsApp will change its privacy policy

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A few weeks ago WhatsApp caused a real tornado of information by announcing that it was going to change its privacy policy. The reality is that it would affect chats with companies, what many people understood is that they would be able to read their conversations.

The company took a step back at that time announcing that, although it was not canceling the action, it was going to postpone it in order to better communicate what it would change, and that is what we have seen today.

Changes in chats with companies

Now yes, WhatsApp will change its privacy policy

To all WhatsApp users, both in Spain and in other countries, a little yellow message in all his chats that he explains that there will be a change in the privacy policy, but that this does not mean that no one, not even WhatsApp, can read the chats.

This message takes us to a section of your website that explains what the change consists of.

The modification, which will take place on March 15, focuses on chats with companies, not chats between individuals.

The company’s idea is to be able to better measure the interaction of users with companies through WhatsApp and to be able to offer better integration options between the apps of the FACEBOOK group to companies, not to private users.

Does not affect users in Europe

Now yes, WhatsApp will change its privacy policy

As we explained at the time, due to the GDPR, the new privacy policy does not affect users who live in Spain or in any country of the European Union.

Still, there are many who have chosen to use other applications such as Telegram or Signal, which have had incredible growth in recent weeks, in part due to requesting less data from their users.

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