Now yes it is worth: Google Keep improving their design for PC

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Google Keep is the application of notes and reminders of Google, which has become one of the most popular in your field in Android. In addition to the application, account also with a web versionintegrated within the G Suite, with the rest of Google services. It is this version which is now updated with a new side menu.

The web version of Google Keep is not as well-known, since most use their app on Android, in which we have already so dark. In this web version you can create notes or reminders easily. His new side menu will facilitate the use of this web version of the application.

Google Keep is renewed in its web version

Now yes it is worth: Google Keep improving their design for PC 1

When we access now to this version of Google Keep, we can see that the new side menu is always present. It is not a menu to be hidden, and it is designed so that we can move with ease between the sections in the application. We have a section of Notes, one for Reminders, one to Edit Tags, the file (Notes archived) and the trash bin, where are those notes that you have deleted.

This new menu makes it easy to navigate at all times, making it easy to move between the sections. In addition, if we want the menu to occupy somewhat less space, you just have to click on the three horizontal stripes top. This will increase the space for notes or reminders, making the menu more small, by only showing the icons of each of the sections of the same.

Now yes it is worth: Google Keep improving their design for PC 2

In addition, in this version, you can also use the dark modeas it happens in the Android version of Google Keep. This new side menu has been deployed already in an official way and is starting to reach already to all users. If you enter into the web version of this service, at this link, and you should enjoy the new menu in the same.

A familiar design

Now yes it is worth: Google Keep improving their design for PC 3

The side menu that was introduced in this web version of Google Keep is not a revolutionary design, since it is based on the side menu that we have in the app in Android. The main difference is that the menu in the app on Android is hidden when we’re not using, while in the present web version is always kept present, or showing their icons if we show the reduced version of the same.

In both cases it is easy to be able to navigate the application, search your notes, or create a new one. So if you were looking for a notes app, that has cross-platform supportto access at any time or place, Google Keep is a good option to consider. In addition, as all the apps of Google, you can download for free:

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