Nova Launcher Prime for 59 cents: get it NOW

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The dominance of Android in Spain over iOS has many factors, but one of the ones we like the most on a personal level is the customization possibilities. Beyond wallpapers or widgets (a feature that iOS has taken in the latest version) the ability to install home screens like Nova Launcher are always appreciated.

Although there are many alternatives beyond this launcher, the truth is that on its own merits it has become the reference. Born at the end of 2011 and with 9 years behind it, Nova Launcher is fresher than ever and with constant updates. Now for Christmas we have the Pro version on offer, and getting it is much more than a recommendation.

Nova Launcher Prime at 59 cents: Haven’t you got hold of it yet?

There are few applications on Android that have received as much love throughout its history as Nova Launcher. At a time when installing a third-party launcher was a mandatory task if you wanted to enjoy good customization, this application has already earned the prestige of being one of the best launchers, but its greatest merit is in having known how to adapt for 9 years.

Nova Launcher Prime for 59 cents: get it NOW 1One of the latest updates to Nova Launcher, adapting to the Android 11 style guides.

Nova Launcher usually adapts to the aesthetics of pure Android, taking the new design features in each new version of Android that appears, in addition to allowing customization that helps your launcher to be exactly as you would like to have it, and not as the manufacturers allow you . Most of the functions are free, but if you want to have everything at your fingertips, you must buy the Pro version, which they have put on sale at 59 euro cents in Spain.

Remember that, even if you buy the Prime version, this application is nothing more than a license activation, so it will be necessary that you also have the free version installed. In the event that you already have it installed, updating to the Prime version will not alter the settings that you already have applied in Nova, it will simply unlock the functions that you had previously restricted.

Nova Launcher Prime for 59 cents: get it NOW 2


Nova Launcher Prime for 59 cents: get it NOW 3


The Nova Launcher Prime ticket for 59 cents: get it NOW, it appears first in The Free Android.