Nova Launcher is updated to version 7 in tests with new functions

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Table of Contents

One of the applications most used by veteran Android users is Nova Launcher. There are many desktop replacements, but almost all of us agree that this is the best if we are looking for speed and customization.

In addition, although there is a paid version, on many occasions we can buy it for less than one euro, which means that many have the Prime version.

Now this application is updated to version 7, still in testing, with new functions such as saving the APK of the apps we have installed.

New animations and design

As indicated in Android Police, the developers of this application have made a major change by basing the new version on the AOSP Launcher3, the public version of Android.

In this way, we have more current and fluid animations, but all the customization options that we had in previous versions are maintained. Well, actually some have been lost, such as those related to the use of the horizontal launcher (something little used) and the customization of some backgrounds.

Nova Launcher is updated to version 7 in tests with new functions

Among the novelties is the possibility of configuring the button to extract the APK in the menu that appears when you press and hold an icon in the application drawer. That way we can send a specific app to another device directly without using the app store.

We also have new forms of icons, vertical navigation in desktop folders or being able to use the app search with a bar at the bottom, not the top, something very practical.

If we do not want to wait for these options to reach the stable version, we can download the beta from APK Mirror or register in the application test program in the Google Play Store.


The Nova Launcher entry is updated to version 7 in tests with new functions appears first in The Free Android.