Nova launcher: How to set up Sesame Shortcut

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Table of Contents

With these shortcuts of this type we can access a direct WhatsApp conversation, make a call to a frequent contact without having to look for it in the agenda. As we say, it was introduced in Android Nougat, but in Nova Launcher we can get much more out of it.

What is Sesame Shortcut?

It is a function that resembles the system 3D Touch, which we already have by default in Nova Launcher. However, with the entry of Sesame Shortcut we can get much more out of these options. Of course, you have to install them, since it is like an extension of Nova Launcher, like so many others that can be installed to the launcher.

Nova Launcher has always been characterized by bring snippets of the latest versions of each Android update and that everyone who uses its application launcher can enjoy them regardless of the ROM that their mobile phone has installed. As we can see, they are configured by default with a series of simple actions. We also have that in some applications they do not appear. There is no need to worry, since not all apps are compatible so that is why some of them do not have this option.

Set up Sesame Shortcut

Now that we know what this extension is for, it’s time to configure it. To do this, we are going to download the Sesame Shortcut app Nova Launcher for Android, that we can either search for it in Google Play or by going to the Nova Launcher setting menu, and then access “Integrations”, which will take us to the download. Once installed and opened, we will see that the application will take us through a small tutorial where it will ask us for a series of permissions.

sesame shortcut nova launcher

It doesn’t take long recognize the apps we have on the mobile, it will return us to a menu where we can see all the applications that we can configure and what options each of them has. To help us with the configuration, we will see that in each item in the list there will be a description of the shortcuts that we can add to each app. At this point the experience with Sesame will vary for each of you because not all of us have the same applications installed on our mobile.

If we do not clarify with the gesture of pressing on an app, we have the option to convert the shortcuts into icons and put them on the desktop. To do this, we just have to open the Sesame shortcuts, press and hold on the one we want to create a quick access and drag it to the desktop. Some shortcuts can be shortcuts to call some contacts, a shortcut to watch our favorite series or to Spotify and thus access the playlist.

Sesame - Universal Search and Shortcuts
Sesame - Universal Search and Shortcuts