Not sure how to activate the screensaver? It’s as easy as ever

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screensaver for windows 10 activated

As you probably know, screen protectors they were introduced long ago to save cathode ray tube or CRT monitors from being burned out. Currently, most computers use other types of screens and these have lost their importance then, however, they are still widely used by users of laptops and desktops, and surely by you!

Maybe something you don’t know is that screen savers are disabled by default in Windows 10, which means that if you don’t activate it, it won’t appear by default. In this way, if you leave your computer with Windows inactive for several minutes you will not see the classic screen saver, as you have seen it on other occasions.

Although this is not an essential element, you may want to keep it out of habit or for aesthetic reasons. Either because you like to see it when your computer is active or with some function in the background, or because you are absent for a few minutes and you do not want others to see the contents of your PC.

Therefore, we are going to tell you how activate the screen saver in Windows so that you can enjoy its presence on your PC again.

What is it and what is it used for?

The screen protectors are part of an older technology, used at the time mainly so that, as we have said, the CRT monitors they will not wear out or end up burning. Monitor technology has advanced so far that this is no longer necessary, however, they still exist for aesthetic reasons.

Specifically, it consists of a display software created to preserve the image quality of computers through moving images. To give you an idea, the screensaver differs from the wallpaper in that it only runs when you stop using the computer for a certain time, while the wallpaper is always present.

It is interesting that you know that the screen savers that were used in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are now in Windows 10, only that disabled by default. You can activate the one you want at any time.

Although computers today have a wide variety of screen protectors to choose from, you can customize them to your liking. Of course, you have to take special care of what you download from the internet since cybercriminals take advantage of any occasion to attack your computer.

How to activate the screensaver

As it is not an essential element on your computer, it is disabled by default and the option to activate it It is not as visible as it should be, however, activating the screen saver in Windows is much easier than you might initially imagine.

Therefore, we are going to tell you step by step how activate the PC protector, as well as some basic notions to configure it and deactivate it again if necessary. Do you want to find out? Ahead!

Activating the screen saver!

startup screen computer

Although it may seem that it is hidden, the reality is that it is much easier to access than you imagine. If you click on the bottom left of your computer, you will find access to your programs, applications and configuration options. Right at the bottom, with a picture probably of a nut, you’ll find the setting from your computer. You will have to press there to activate the screensaver.

screen configuration

The next step is to give click to personalization, which is on the right of your screen, and later you will find on the left of the screen the option to “Lock screen” that you will find in the customization options of your computer.

set screen saver

As you can see, you will find the configuration options. But the first thing you have to do is activate the screensaver. So let’s get to it. Lower the screen to the end, where you will see the section on “Screen Saver Settings”.

screen saver activate

If you see that in the options it appears none, press there to activate it. You can choose between bubbles, ribbons, shapes and figures, photographs, 3D text and void. If you want, you can activate the login screen when resuming by activating that option, which you will find shortly after.

protectors available windows

To activate the changes, you must give Apply and Accept. Once this is done, the selected protector will be activated and will start working in the time previously selected. It’s that simple to have the screensaver back on your new computer.

How to disable it

Once you know how to activate the screensaver, disable it It will be very simple for you. You must follow the same steps until the end, in which when you see the option that you had previously selected you must press again and give none.

disable screen saver

How deactivate the screensaver step by step:

  • Go to the Windows menu at the bottom left of your screen
  • Press Settings
  • Choose Personalization
  • Go to Lock Screen
  • make scroll until you get to Screensaver Settings
  • Under Screen Saver, press the dropdown and choose “none”
  • Disable the option Show the login screen when resuming if it is activated
  • Click Apply and then OK

Adjustment options

Once you know how to activate the screen saver, we are going to show you how configure to adapt it to your needs and preferences. First of all, do not forget to indicate how long you want it to take to appear, below the drop-down of available protectors. On Expect choose the minutes in which you want it to start working. It can be in 1, 2, 5 or as many minutes as you want. By default, one minute will appear.

You will do it from the same screen of Screen saver settings. You will have already chosen the type of protector that interests you, so to adapt it to your tastes you only have to give settings.

screensaver images

If you go to use images, you must indicate where the images will be collected from. You will do it in Examine images. Decide what the processing speed is (slow, medium, or fast). You can also choose to see the images randomly if you activate this option. To see how it looks, you just have to preview.

On 3d text, you can choose the current time or a custom text. You have the possibility to choose the size, font, resolution, type and speed of rotation that interests you. Also, in surface style you opt for solid color, texture and reflection. These 3 options can also be customized. Turn off show dramatic lighting if you’re not interested.

The bubbles, ribbons, shapes and figures and void (black screen) have no configuration options. You can see how they look before activating them in preview.

Once you have chosen the configuration that interests you, you must click Apply and OK again. If you just click OK, the changes will be made anyway, but it is good that you use the other option so that you can continue configuring the options to your liking and make sure they are activated properly.

Trick to activate the screensaver easily

If you want to activate the screensaver more easily, there is a trick that allows you. You just have to go to seeker Windows and write “Protector”, “screensaver” or “screen saver”. In the search results you will see “Activate or deactivate the screen saver”. If you give that option, the screen appears where you can choose the screensaver you want to use. You will save many steps with this.

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