Nokia X10 and X20: this will be the new cheap phones with 5G

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Nokia X10 and X20: this will be the new cheap phones with 5G 1

Nokia will present its new phones at the beginning of April, which will probably arrive in Spain this spring, in an event announced yesterday. The brand will have its own event after having canceled its presence at MWC 2021 earlier this month. At this event we can expect a series of new devices.

Yesterday there was already talk of some of them, in addition to mentioning the possibility that the brand is going to change the names of its devices. Two new phones have already been leaked, confirming that name change. It is the Nokia X10 and X20, two cheap models with 5G connectivity.

So are the Nokia X10 and X20

Nokia presentation

The Nokia X10 and X20 will be two models in the brand’s entry range, which will have 5G connectivity as standard. This is something possible thanks to the use of Snapdragon 480 as its processor, the Qualcomm chip that brings 5G to the most modest range. HMD confirmed weeks ago that there would be mobiles with this processor, so it seems that these two devices will be the first.

The X10 will have a combination of 6 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, while the X20 will leave us with 6 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 128 GB. The first will be available in white and green, while the second will be launched in blue and earth colors (some shade of brown).

The prices of these two new devices of the brand have also been filtered. The Nokia X10 will be priced at 300 euros in its version of RAM and storage, while the X20 will be somewhat more expensive, with a price of 349 euros at its launch in Europe. They thus become the simplest models of the brand to have 5G.

These phones are expected made official at the Nokia event on April 8. They will not be the only ones, because it is expected that there will be new mid-range devices that will be presented at this event as well, one of them called G10. In a few weeks we will know them, but surely more data will be leaking soon.

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