Nokia and Sony will not go to MWC 2021 in Barcelona either

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Nokia and Sony will not go to MWC 2021 in Barcelona either 1

Yesterday we received the news that Ericsson had announced that it would not attend the MWC this year either, which will be held, in principle, at the beginning of summer in Barcelona. The Swedish firm has not wanted to risk the health of its workers and months before the event it is removed from it.

Now two top-tier companies are following in his footsteps, Nokia and Sony.

Nokia will only participate online

Nokia has been the second company to announce that it will not physically attend MWC 2021, something that had been rumored for a few hours, especially since the Ericsson announcement.

Unlike the latter, Nokia is studying the possibility of collaborating online with the GSMA, with events that are not face-to-face.

Nokia is, along with Ericsson, one of the most important companies in the development of 5G networks, and both are the only European in this sector.

Nokia and Sony will not go to MWC 2021 in Barcelona either

Sony also drops from MWC 2021

In 2021 the approach that the MWC will have, or would have had, would not be the same as in other years because the media attendance will be limited and the attendance will be more similar to that of a strictly professional congress.

However, this event has always been a showcase for mobile manufacturers, and Sony is the first to get off it.

In addition, the words of a company spokesperson show that the future of this type of event may be darker than the GSMA would like: “As the world increasingly shifts towards digital and online opportunities to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), Sony Mobile will communicate in a way that can deliver our exciting product news to a wider audience.”.

It is more than likely that in the coming weeks, if not days, we will hear of more cancellations. The question is whether they will be more heavyweights, which would put the celebration of the event at serious risk.

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