No one can censor the content of WhatsApp: this is the role of verifiers as Newtral or Damn

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Last week WhatsApp implemented a measure at the global level, through which they started to limit (even more) the amount of times that we can forward a message that has gone viral or that has been shared many times within the platform.

Ironically, this measure has caused is a lot of confusion the respect and some users claim in the social networks that the Government and content checkers such as is or Newtral censor the type of information that is forwarded through WhatsApp.

A good example is found in the following tweet published by VOX, in which urge his supporters to switch to Telegrambecause there “you can forward the messages to your friends like you did in WhatsApp before applying the censorship”:

“Doesn’t like you to WhatsApp”

As we said, the new limit imposed by WhatsApp does not seek to limit the type of information we share on the servicebut avoid the spam and hoaxes can be forwarded in a massive way. That type of content “viral” you can only forward to one person each time, making it more tedious if you want to send it to many people at the same time.

WhatsApp lists forwarded messages in two classes: who has sent you a contact and that have not been forwarded many times (it will appear with an arrow above it) and those who before you don’t receive the email have been forwarded at least five times (they appear with a double arrow, indicating that it “did not create a close contact”).

We recall that WhatsApp is a service of private communication and, since it is encrypted, Facebook could not censor based on content. The be encryption implies that neither Facebook or the verifiers can access any type of content in groups or in private chats. In addition, far from what you are saying some users in social networks, this new limit for forwarding has been imposed in a global way (not just Spain).

Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, has contracted to and Newtral as verifiersand that might be one of the reasons that it has spread this idea that you are controlling what kind of information (and what not) can be forwarded on the platform.

Both from is as from Newtral have published two press releases in response, in which it defends itself from this campaign, incriminating that they are experiencing in the last few days.

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Called attention as an international measure of a messaging platform to avoid spam and hoaxes can be derived in a political struggle in certain territories. Some users are wanting to stop this idea that WhatsApp is controlled by the Government and verifiers (supposedly) like-minded, and that is why we urge you to seek alternatives without censorship.

This can be checked with other tweets that are publishing different accounts of VOX, which begin with the message, “doesn’t like you to WhatsApp”. At the time of this article’s publishing channel Telegram (which appears linked in the tweets) already exceeds 38,000 users.

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No one can censor the content of WhatsApp: this is the role of verifiers as Newtral or Damn

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Santi Araujo


No one can censor the content of WhatsApp: this is the role of verifiers as Newtral or Damn 1