No more choosing series on Netflix: the random mode will arrive in Spain and that’s how it will work

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Netflix is ​​the streaming platform best known in Spain, also in its application for Android. These months have introduced new functions, such as the audio only mode. For months there has been talk about a function that was going to come to the application: a button with which to play content randomly, making it easier to decide what to watch.

After months of rumors, Netflix confirms the existence of this feature, which will be officially launched this year. In the case of Spain, it is expected to arrive in the first half of the year, so the wait will not be long. The random button approaches the application.

Netflix will introduce the random button

Netflix random button

Netflix’s shuffle button isn’t a new thing, as in the TV version of the app It has been showing for a few months in many countries, also in Spain. The company’s tests sought to determine if this feature was popular with users and it appears that these results are satisfactory, so it will also be launched in the application on Android.

The plan is that this year it will be launched for all users, on all platforms. Not only TV users will find this random button in their accounts, before entering their profile. Also on smartphones, tablets or on a computer we will find this button, which will allow us to play content randomly. We won’t have to spend minutes looking for something to see at that moment.

Netflix random button

The operation of this random button is simple. When opening the application, under the profile, this button will appear. We will only have to click on it and Netflix will then play a content randomly. Customization algorithms will be used, so that the content that is reproduced is something to our liking, despite the fact that it is something random.

This button may already be showing in your Netflix account on the TV. Soon you will be able to use it also in the application on Android or in other versions. The good reception so far encourages the firm to introduce this button in a general way, so you will soon be able to use it in your account.

No more choosing series on Netflix: the random mode will arrive in Spain and that's how it will work 1

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