Nine tricks to get the most out of your Xiaomi camera

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Nine tricks to get the most out of your Xiaomi camera

We are going to tell you the best tricks to take advantage of your Xiaomi camera. Currently, all new devices sold by Xiaomi have sensors with many megapixels, HDR technology and artificial intelligence, among others, so it is convenient to know what we are activating at all times.

In this simple guide we are going to tell you how you can make the most of your Xiaomi mobile camera, through the camera’s own settings and no need to install anything on your device. Let’s get into trouble.

Force HDR activation

Img 20210924 130827

Xiaomi mobiles have automatic HDR but, on many occasions, this is not activated and the photographs end up being burned. In any situation where there is enough light, force HDR manually, to make sure it is activating. You will see that the results are much better.

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Disable AI

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Xiaomi uses artificial intelligence to “improve” the results of its photographs. However, these improvements end up being overstretched everywhere, so better make sure that we have deactivated the AI ​​mode so that the photos come out natural.

Shoot in more detail

Img 20210924 143148

If you want to make the most of the megapixels of your Xiaomi phone, in the “more” section you have the full resolution mode. By default, your mobile groups pixels to save space, so if you have a 48 megapixel mobile it will shoot at 12. If you want to shoot at maximum resolution, activate this mode.

Take advantage of Pro mode

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With Pro mode you can get the most out of your Xiaomi camera. From it we can manage in detail focus, white balance, ISO, exposure … In addition, within the settings of this mode you can shoot in RAW format, to later have more editing margin.

Adjust the bokeh of portrait mode

Img 20210924 143420

Surely, to do portrait, point and shoot mode, without controlling the exact amount of bokeh. This is important since, by default, add some extra bokeh, so the blur effect can be very artificial. The bokeh can be adjusted to suit your taste before shooting to make the photo as realistic as possible.

Remove the watermark

Img 20210924 143601

There are many photographs that we see on social networks with a Xiaomi watermark. If you want to remove it, all you have to do is go to camera settings and, in the first section, you can deactivate it. In case you want to keep it, it is always better to customize it than leaving Xiaomi by default, which is more advertising than anything else.

Shoot in HEIF format

Img 20210924 143715

If your mobile has some power, from the settings menu you will find the HEIF format. This format allows you to save a lot of space, since the photos occupy much less. It is a format compatible with social networks, so you will not have any problem uploading or sharing them, even if it is not JPEG.

Customize camera colors

miui colors

Did you know that it is possible customize Xiaomi camera colors? You just have to go to the “customize” section inside the camera and click on ‘colors’. Within you will have a wide range of options, to be able to customize the camera to your liking.

Locks focus

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And we end with one of the most unknown tricks for your Xiaomi mobile: focus lock. If we do not want the mobile to be constantly autofocusing, we just have to press and hold the focus box. This will be blocked, something ideal for, for example, shooting someone on the move.

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Nine tricks to get the most out of your Xiaomi camera

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