NieR Reincarnation enables pre-registration on Android

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Square enix, the famous Japanese video game company, has officially launched the campaign to pre-register in his new game, NieR Reincarnation. It is a spin-off of the NieR saga, and has been released exclusively for all mobiles. It must be said that the game is already available in Japan, the country where it was launched last February, and it already has more than 10 million downloads in less than three months. This role-playing game is set in the universe of the saga, and its protagonist is a white haired girl, of which we still do not know its name and its history.

The game begins with the young girl waking up with wounds in a kingdom called The cage, as we could see in the trailer that came out just a few weeks ago. The first thing we see is that she does not remember anything of what has happened, and she is alone in a completely unknown realm. But she is not alone, as she has the help of Mommy, a ghost that will guide you on your way to discover the truth.

Through a strong and faithful combination, both characters will venture in search of ancient memories to find out how it ended there. The battles are set in these memories, and you will find enemies of all kinds. However, they should be especially careful with the Dark Monster, an evil creature that will prevail in your path.

The gameplay is very simple and there are two game modes available. In the first one, you will battle your enemies with the main characters, and as you progress you will be able to meet and ally yourself with more companions who will help you on your way. On the other hand, the other game mode is based on a mode automatic of fight, by means of which the characters attack the enemies without us giving the orders. This is designed for those players who want to enjoy history and who are not so skilled in this type of video game. That is why it has obtained such a great acceptance in the Japanese country.

As we said, the game’s pre-order is now available at Google play, and you can do it completely free. Of course, within it you can make purchases and improve your characters, although they are inconsequential for the development of the game. The estimated release date of NieR Reincarnation for the rest of the world is the day November 6th, although there is still nothing official. There is a promotion available on their website for the first users to register, and they will receive gems when the game is officially released.