NieR Reincarnation: characteristics, characters and gameplay

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As we say, this spin-off of the NieR saga has been released exclusively for mobile phones. The game is now available in Japan, the country where it was launched in February 2021. In less than three months, more than 10 million downloads. For the rest of the world, the only thing we have available for now is the pre-booking, which is available for free at Google play. The estimated release date of the game is the day November 6th. If you were one of the first 300,000 users to pre-register, you will get as a reward 3,000 gems when the title is officially released.

The game begins with the images of a wounded young woman who awakens in a kingdom called The cage, as we could see in the first trailer that saw the light. The girl, alone in this new world, does not remember anything about what happened. Later you will have the help of Mommy, a ghost who knows this world to discover. Together they will go on an adventure in search of ancient memories to discover the truth.

On the other hand, the battles are based on 3vs3 teams, like most games in this category. Each character has special attacks that we must use during the battle, and some include weapons that can be improved at special points in this world.

Game modes

Capture NieR Reincarnation

Like the other titles in the series, NieR Reincarnation has a game system by turns, so it will not be anything new for his most loyal followers. However, the truth is that for those who have not played any of its other versions, the gameplay will not be difficult. It is quite simple, although you must bear in mind that the battles are carried out in two different ways.

The first game mode is basically a history mode with 3D graphics. We can choose between a fighting system Handbook, in which we will have to do the movements with the joystick, or automatic. The latter means that the vast majority of attacks will be carried out by the game itself. The only thing we will have to do then is select them, and the characters will take care of the rest. This was born with the idea that inexperienced players can enjoy the story in a simpler way, although this way they will not live the true NieR experience. Of course, you can deactivate this option at any time. The fights are quite basic, and as we say you will only have to press the buttons to perform the movements.

It goes without saying that the main characters of the game are available in this game mode. You can choose them to fight your enemies, although you must know what their best movements and abilities are if you want to get the most out of them. As you go through episodes, you will be able to meet and ally with more colleagues who will help you on your way. Also, you should know that it uses a gacha system through which we can get the characters randomly, as if it were a slot machine. We can also make purchases in the game store, such as weapons, skins and objects that will be very helpful.

On the other hand, we can complete the side stories and play NieR Reincarnation in a more relaxed way. Here we will find a system of 2D side scrolling, where we can fight against our enemies as in the typical games of the 80s and 90s. These will not be very difficult to kill, but it will also help us to practice before entering the main thread of the story. As you explore The Cage, you will discover the memories of other characters in the game, so you can learn more about them. This will allow you to know their strengths and weaknesses of each one when you get ready to fight.

NieR Reincarnation Character List

Nier reincarnation characters

  • White haired girl: is the protagonist of the video game. It is about a kind girl who wakes up in La Cage without remembering anything. The only thing we know is that he appeared by surprise there, and that he has many mysteries that he must solve in his adventure.
  • Mommy: it is a mysterious ghost that accompanies the protagonist throughout the whole story. She calls herself Mama, and she has a lot of information about La Jaula. It will be an essential character to discover all the doubts of the young woman.
  • Dark monster: in La Cage we will meet evil creatures that will try to get in our way, as in the case of this character. We can see that it is a noble knight with insect features. Like the girl, he also has a mission to do.
  • Mechanical soldier: This is a character who was relieved and banished to the basement of a huge castle that no longer provides any service. When he meets a boy, he will regain his will to help the white-haired girl achieve her goal.
  • Hiker: This young man is the companion of the Mechanical Soldier. He has great wit and goodness. He spends his time traveling from one country to another, although during these journeys he always faces danger.
  • Murderess– A character who occupies the position of head of a family of assassins that has served a clan for several generations. She has been accompanied all her life by her sword, a truly fearsome and powerful weapon. by his master.
  • Prosthesis jacket: This character lives in a nation surrounded by nature. Its appearance is quite disconcerting, as it has a mechanical arm and a false leg.
  • Woman in white: a soldier who is trapped with her husband in an unknown location. Behind he left all his comrades, who were dying during the successive wars that he has lived through. In addition, she is forced to fight against a lot of monsters that try to end her life.