Next-gen racing game for Android

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Table of Contents

Walking with lead feet, it could be said that Project Racer is practically the first next-gen game to reach mobile devices. This project (worth the redundancy), comes to implement an advance in graphic performance, as well as in other areas, of a racing game. An advance that was already requested and that the developers have not taken that step.

Project Racer, the next-gen has arrived on Android

Given this panorama in desktop game consoles, things are quite different on mobile phones. While in that sector they reproduce already 4K games And with mechanics that border on a huge realism, in Android so far let’s say that it is a bit difficult to find games that move smoothly in 1080 resolution and at 60 frames per second in a stable way.

We understand that a mobile device may not have all the power that we find in computers or game consoles. Well with Project Racer appears this new game that has been launched in a preview version to become a final development version, which is why we have mentioned walking with lead.

We certainly already come with a fairly high level when it comes to driving simulators (see Real Racing 3 or the Asphalt saga). Both franchises provide beastly graphics performance, with quite realistic physics that have been developed in the few years that Android has lived. However, Project Racer keeps a feature that its competitors do not have, at least from the beginning of its development.

A very realistic car simulator, although it is about to end

It is clear that Project Racer, or PRacer in its simplified name, has a lot to improve. Apart from that key feature related to resolution and that other games do not have, we must also analyze the rest of the sections. As soon as we open, we see that interface level much to improve.

It gives the feeling that the game is unfinished, with a somewhat primitive design and without an aesthetic that is visually pleasing, rather, it makes you want to flick through the screens. It must be made clear that this aspect, like the rest, are susceptible to improvements with the passage of time, you just have to be a little calm.

project racer racing

The important thing is the gameplay itself of this game, and in the case of a racing simulator, it is more important to know how the cars behave. By this behavior we mean your graphic and technical levelIn addition to whether they convey positive feelings and lead us to imagine that we are inside the car.

Everything behaves as expected. The shadows, the lighting, the modeling of the cars is really superb. Some parts like the pianos and the exteriors of the track are still to be polished, but what we find inside the line is spectacular. We left arcade driving to get into some more realistic physics and that require greater skill with the mobile gyroscope. Yes, the car’s own steering can still be improvedas it feels very rough.

Project Racer, 4K resolution

That key feature that we mentioned, without going any further, is that this game allows play with 4K resolution. Without a doubt, it is a milestone in the era of mobile video games, since there is no other title that is capable of performing at this graphic and visual level. However, this can generate controversy, since it is not very useful considering the options on the market with screens of that resolution, apart from the considerable battery wear. In any case, it is a step forward and it is the direction that the video game sector should follow for these devices.

project racer settings

To check the resolution of the game, go to »Settings» and then to the »Graphics» section. The game proposes the most recommended plans to play, in relation to graphics quality with resolution. In our test with a OnePlus 7T, the performance has been outstanding, always staying at 60 FPS and with a fluidity that we have not seen even in Real Racing 3.

Apart from all that, a very interesting aspect is the customization in the driving style. Taking into account that it is a simulator, it has several profiles to configure onscreen controlsIt even has one with up and down buttons. In addition to that, it has similar settings to game console simulators, such as the level of force feedback or steering sensitivity.