New wallpapers of the Google Pixel to download on any mobile

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New wallpapers of the Google Pixel to download on any mobile

Despite the Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 The wallpapers they will have available have not yet reached the hands of their future owners. And they can be downloaded to put on any other mobile: the collection integrates artistic wallpapers, funny backgrounds and photos taken with the Google Pixel.

Google does not over-personalize the system with which it equips its Pixels since it is largely Android ‘stock’, but it does add its own apps and a style that is unique to these mobiles. The google camera is one of the best examples, also functions like the exclusive widget or the recognition of songs in the background. And do not forget the wallpapers or wallpapers, both static and animated. These are not in themselves exclusive as they can be adapted to other phones, like yours. You love them?

New static backgrounds of the Pixel ready to download

Google Pixel Wallpapers Backgrounds with photos taken by the Google Pixel. Image from XDA Developers

Google recently unveiled its two new phones, it has also released the Google Pixel 4a, mobile that he presented in summer and the only one to arrive in Spain. With all these phones the company will release wallpapers, both static and animated. And we already know many of the first since the wallpapers can be downloaded thanks to XDA Developers.

At the beginning of the month we met a first collection of ‘funny’ wallpapers specially created by Google for their perforated screen mobiles, the three most recent Pixels. Now more collections have appeared, all pending to reach owners of a Pixel 4a 5G or Pixel 5G.

The new wallpapers are specially adapted to the needs of mobile phones, both for resolution and ratio and for the fact that keep space for chamber hole. They’re high-quality, they bring distinction, and they also offer a glimpse of what phones can do. Each of the new wallpapers is a small work of art.

To download the wallpapers to your phone you have to choose one of the available collections (or all):

  • Fun. Collection of backgrounds with fun themes and very striking colors. You can download it from here.
  • Art. Backgrounds inspired by pictorial currents with which to decorate the phone in an artistic way. They are available here.
  • Captured with Pixel. Photos taken with Google phones that (in theory) show the capabilities of their sensors. You have the funds in this link.

Some of the wallpapers already appear on the Google Pixel 4a, so perhaps part of the new ones will also reach this mobile. In any case you can download them right now to your phone, whether or not it is a Google Pixel. The quality of the wallpapers is very high.

Via | XDA Developers

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New wallpapers of the Google Pixel to download on any mobile

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New wallpapers of the Google Pixel to download on any mobile 2