New Tencent Game Coming Late 2021

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This time, it is not a PUBG Mobile update in a big way (as it has happened on other occasions), but it is a completely independent game, although it will continue to belong to the same genre as its predecessor. Let’s see some details of this title and the release date of it.


PUBG: New State, what we know so far

Certainly, there are few details that we know so far about this game that is about to come to Android, since its launch has just been announced. However, Tencent has been in charge of leaving us enough brushstrokes so that we maintain the expectation until the official arrival of it.

New State will be the third game set in the PUBG franchise, after PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. Though this version will be developed by PUBG Studio, the team that was behind the original PUBG for PC and consoles .. In this third issue, Krafton.Inc will be the company in charge of distributing it on Google Play to all users who want to try it.

pubg: new state arrival android

The game will continue to be a battle royale with almost all the feats that its predecessors present, but with a different setting. The title is located in the year 2051, a very different and distant stage from that of PUBG Mobile. This, as many can imagine, does not lead to an aesthetic change, but also in the field of gameplay. The new map is called Troi and aims to bring a wide variety of both weapons and vehicles, as well as deployable combat drones and shields. They also promise to make the leap to Next-Gen graphics, with better features than the current game offers.

One of the objectives is also build and further enrich the culture and setting of the title. In addition, different customization options for in-game weapons will be included during games, in a similar way to how it happens in Apex Legends. Promises and an ambition that marks PUBG: New State as a game from another dimension, although we will see if what looks like gold does not end up being coal.

Arrival date for this new Tencent title

Unfortunately, there is still no exact date for the release of the final version, as it will depend on the deadlines with the development tests, although it does not seem that they will delay with the stipulation they have given. The work will be available on Android in 2021 through alpha testing scheduled for the end of the year. Therefore, the launch of the official version in the store will be at the end of this year. However, we can already sign up for the previous Google Play registration to be among the first to download the game once it comes out.