New State is coming to the United States soon

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First of all, this new title has nothing to do with PUBG Mobile, one of the biggest hits of the saga. In fact, this was developed by the company Tencent. In the case of New State, it belongs to PUBG Studios, the creator of the original Battle Royale. Therefore, this title promises to be at the same level as the other versions, although we still have to wait a little longer until it is officially released.

Everything we know to date from PUBG: New State

pubg new state screen

Basically, the new video game incorporates the same features as its predecessors. We will find huge open world maps with the so typical extension of 8 × 8 kilometers in which they will fall 100 players from an airplane. We will win the game if we are the last player standing, something that will not be easy, as in other titles in the saga. You will be able to use weapons and strategies to achieve your objective, and you will also have at your disposal equipment, vehicles and consumables of all kinds to survive on the battlefield. All of them completely renewed.

Of course, the historical context will have nothing to do with other versions. In New State we will meet at the year 2051, and will feature futuristic elements and highly realistic graphics to give players an experience like never before. The game will have mechanics to dodge the bullets, drones and requests for air support to help us through the toughest moments of battle.

The combat experience has been optimized for mobile, with more realistic and dynamic shootouts that will make us feel as if we are on the map. Additionally, the weapons will include a personalization advanced to adapt them to our needs and capacities according to the moment of the fight.

As for the launch of the game, there is still no set date, although it is expected to be available for the end of this year 2021. For now, all we can do is sign up for the previous registration, which is already available in the store. Google play. This beta can only be accessed by those who have a device Android, but soon it will also start to reach devices ios. Players who do so now will receive an exclusive skin to customize the vehicles in the game.