New Sony Xperia Pro 5G: a mobile for professionals with HDMI input

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Table of Contents

Sony Xperia Pro 5G featured

Sony has not yet launched any phone in 2021 in Spain, something that will surely change soon. Meanwhile, the manufacturer has presented its first phone of the year in the United States, the Sony Xperia Pro 5G, which also becomes its first 5G phone in the American market. This new phone is aimed at professional users, as some features make clear.

Photographers or content creators are the audience to which this Sony Xperia Pro 5G is oriented. Not only because its 5G connectivity allows faster content uploads or better live broadcasts, but it also stands out for having an HDMI input, to connect it to other devices, such as a monitor.

Features Sony Xperia Pro 5G

Sony Xperia Pro 5G design

  • Body
    • Weight:225 grams.
  • screen
    • Type:OLED
    • Size: 6.5 inch
    • Resolution: 3840 x 1644 pixels.
    • Ratio 21: 9.
  • Main features
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
    • OS:Android 10
  • Memory
    • Internal: 12GB + 512 GB RAM
    • Micro SD:Yes.
  • Rear cameras:
    • Main: 12 Mpx f / 1.7 24mm OIS.
    • Telephoto: 12 Mpx f / 2.4 70mm Zoom 3X OIS.
    • Wide angle: 12 Mpx f / 2.2 16mm 124º UGA.
  • Front camera:8 Mpx f / 2.0 24mm.
  • Connectivity
    • 5G.
    • Dual 4G.
    • WiFi 802.11ac
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • NFC
    • USB Type C
    • Headphone jack.
  • Others
    • Fingerprint reader on the side.
    • HDMI input.
    • IP68 certification.
    • Stereo speakers.
  • Drums
    • 4,000 mAh.
    • 18W fast charge.

A mobile for professionals

Sony Xperia Pro 5G HDMI

This Sony Xperia Pro 5G is very similar to the Xperia 1 II launched last year, except for the incorporation of 5G and HDMI. The introduction of HDMI is one of the highlights of it, located at the bottom of the device, next to its USB-C port (now moved to the left). According to Sony, it is capable of taking 4K HDR video stream at 60fps and should work with any camera that has an HDMI output.

This means that the phone can be connected to the HDMI port of a camera to use a larger screen when taking photos or recording videos. In addition, 5G connectivity also plays an important role in the device, since this allows it to act as a live streaming link for the camera, in addition to acting as an external monitor. The device can stream images from its HDMI input directly to YouTube. It also supports StreamLabs and StreamYard for streaming to other platforms like Twitch and Facebook Live.

Sony Xperia Pro 5G HDMI

These functions are what make the Sony Xperia Pro 5G present as a smartphone for professionals. Otherwise, the device maintains the Same specs we saw in 2020 on the Xperia 1 II. The same 6.5-inch OLED screen, Snapdragon 865 as a processor and a 5,000 mAh capacity battery, which will give a good autonomy when recording or taking photos with it.

The cameras are the same with three 12 Mpx sensors on the back (main, telephoto and ultra wide angle), with support for 4K recording, in addition to having three-fold optical zoom. In addition, they use proprietary Digital Cinema Camera technology for professional color treatment in these cameras.

Price and availability

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The Sony Xperia Pro 5G has already been put on sale in the United States and Sony also confirms have no plans to launch this device in Europe. So it will be limited to the American market, unless the manufacturer changes its mind in the near future about it. This phone does not stand out for being especially cheap, since it is launched at a price of $ 2,499.99.

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