New Pokémon game for Android

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Just a few weeks ago, Pokémon Rumble Rush, a Pokémon game from the Rumble saga, was presented, the last installment of which was for the popular console, Nintendo Wii. And although it seemed that it would already be the new installment of Pokémon for mobile devices, it has not been like that.

Pokémon Masters and… Two more games?

That’s right, three new Pokémon games have been introduced, Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon Home, and Pokémon Masters. And each one is very different from the other.

Pokémon Sleep It is a game that will complement Pokémon GO, the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet will be worn and “played” while sleeping, although we do not have many more details.

Of a very different nature, we have Pokémon Home, that will serve to connect our Pokémon games for Switch, 3DS or mobile, in a single app, although we do not know how it will work, but it is possibly more an app than a game.

And lastly, we have Pokémon Masters, Game that we will talk more in depth, because it is possible that if you are a fan of the saga, you are interested in the idea.

Pokémon MastersPokémon Masters will be the first Pokémon mobile game to incorporate combat as we are used to seeing in the main franchise, since in Pokémon GO the combats have nothing to do with the classic combats of the saga. Of course, we will have group battles between various Pokémon and we will continue to enjoy the launch of events such as the Battle Residence.

Surely they will be somewhat different, but it is already something closer to the combats like the DS or Switch games. Here we leave a video for you to see a little of what the game is about.

The name of Pokémon Masters comes because Pokémon masters that we have seen in the games will appear in the game, only on the cover we can see Máximo, Cintia or Lance, champions of the Pokémon league of their respective generations, and we can also see Red , mythical trainer in the world of Pokémon, among others.

All this only on the cover, so it is possible that Pokémon Masters is a game directed for the big fans of the saga.

And it seems that Pokémon is right now in a good moment. Pokémon GO is still being played, the Pokémon movie: Detective Pikachu is in theaters and fans are waiting for the news and the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield, for Nintendo Switch. It seems that the Japanese are going strong on this issue.

Do you want to see these new Pokémon games?