New Pac-Man Geo, the usual Pac-Man now in real cities

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The new installment of Pac-Man is now available to download in mobile stores: Pac-Man Geo is a classic mechanic game that change the typical maze board through the streets of real cities. New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, Tokyo and many more locations, all with retro-style graphics and free download.

It seems incredible that a whopping 40 years has passed by the Pac-Man, right in May 2020 it reached its fourth decade of existence. He remains as fit as ever, it is one of those games that anyone recognizes just by seeing the characters or listening to a few notes of the melody. And it keeps space to refresh its proposal with new games, such as Pac-Man Geo: this title is now ready to land on mobile phones.

Travel the world controlling the Pacman

Pac Man Geo

Despite what it may seem from the name and from the captures, the new Pac-Man game has nothing to do with the titles of ‘style Pokemon go‘: you do not have to walk down the street mobile in hand, you don’t have to face ghosts using augmented reality either. The difference in mechanics between this new game and the original from 1980 is that the passageways of the maze change to reflect the intricate streets of selected cities. The rest are basically the same.

Pac-Man Geo maintains the original graphics, aesthetics and sounds while introducing details adapted to the requirements of the new game, all without the whole out of tune. Once the main screen is loaded, and the game registered with a Facebook or Twitter account (whenever you want to recover the data on another phone), we will see a world map with the different places that are currently available. Just jump to any of them to compete for its streets. And depending on how well the level is completed, you will get more or less score.

Pac Man Geo

The streets are recreated in the Pac-Man style and with identical riots to those they have in real life. Thanks to this, the labyrinths with the different intersections that help to escape from the ghosts are captured. And the rest is easy to imagine: You have to devour all the points on the map without the ghosts touching the Pacman.

Pac-Man Geo offers a multitude of levels, collectibles, allows the game in real terrain and also enables the creation of mazes from anywhere in the world. This is, without a doubt, the most curious thing.

Pac Man Geo

The game is currently available on the Google Play Store. It is free to download, it’s in english, It does not have in-app purchases and there are ads that allow you to win more objects within Pac-Man Geo. As a curiosity, the download is well worth it.

Pac-Man Geo

Pac-Man Geo

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New Pac-Man Geo, the usual Pac-Man now in real cities

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