New offline features for Android

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Functions that come like May water. And is that one of the big problems that apps that need to be permanently connected to a service, or a server, have is that the moment we decide to put our phone offline they stop being operational for the tasks we want to perform . Google Photos is no exception, since it is an application that works mostly under an Internet connection.

Google Photos
Google Photos

Add photos and videos without any connection

In this way, you have multiple functions that are executed offline. For example, we can use the app as an image gallery, it is possible to play the content as long as it is downloaded to the device and we can also edit videos and images offline. Not only that, Google has incorporated a change in the app that will be highly appreciated by the impatient.

So, even if we have the mobile without Wi-Fi or data, It will allow us to continue using it, such as assigning images or videos to new albums or that we already have created in the photo library. The idea is that we do not stop capturing unforgettable moments and organize them as best we want, without being attentive to how the data coverage is doing.

google photos offline

Since Google Photos is a great gallery application, the logical thing is that it allows the organization of the reel based on what the user wants. Albums or folders are key to this: it is possible distribute photos and videos into categorized albums in order to share the complete albums or simply locate them. The best thing is that we can do all this, but without the need for connection.

How to get these new Google Photos features

This offline mode is not a function that you have to wait to be able to enjoy it, but it is already available to all users. The requirement? The same as always: update the application from Google Play. It is not necessary to resort to beta versions or anything like that, since it is in the final version, although few have noticed this novelty. Of course, Google may not have activated the function from its servers depending on the terminal and the version of the operating system.

The truth is that Google has incorporated the offline organization of albums to your Photos app silently. We have checked it in our Android and it works as it should: it is possible to mark photos and videos and then move them to an already created folder or one that we open at the moment. These albums will be kept on the mobile waiting for Google Photos sync changes with servers once device recovers connection.