New library and console configuration

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Table of Contents

Microsoft has been going strong with the incorporation of the xCloud service, a compatible platform to play Xbox titles through the cloud. It was born independent of Microsoft although it was still used for the same purpose. After a trial version, he joined the Xbox Game Pass program, where we can play a large number of games in an unlimited way through a subscription.


Xbox app update, all the details

This update of the application includes new elements and compensates for errors that may have been made previously. Keep in mind that Microsoft released an important update to the Xbox app just last month, where the interface was regenerated, it was included features like Remote Play but others were eliminated, such as the possibility of redeeming codes. Also I know removed achievements and gamer images.

For this reason, they have returned to the load with another package of novelties that again include the option of customize player image. Not only can we use the images provided by the Xbox app, but it is also possible to integrate our own that we have stored in the mobile terminal.

In another vein, the other outstanding feature is the ability to manage and view our library of games. We can start games and queue downloads of the games we have in the library. The application already allowed us to queue the games to install them, but now it allows us to manage our own library to suit each user.

Other new features of the update

Undoubtedly, the two changes reported are the ones that stand out the most at first glance, because they directly affect the operation of the application. However, we find other novelties in this recently implemented version, which It can already be obtained if we go to the Play Store and update the program.

xbox multimedia app update

In this way, another change that is not mentioned and that happens more on tiptoe is the ability to choose multimedia applications when configuring a console. When we register a new console or do a new configuration, we can set the favorite multimedia platform that we want to be installed automatically, choosing between Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. Additionally, message requests are supported and can also be create group chats from the app while starting a new conversation.