New Kyogre and Groudon events in Pokémon Masters EX

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In case you don’t know what synchronization pairs are, they are pairs made up of a trainer that had previously appeared in other titles in the series and a Pokémon. Generally, both members have a special chemistry, making a great team when we face them. Each trainer has a role that defines his characteristics and abilities during the battle, being three different: strike, support for Y technology. Before starting the battles, we must correctly select the roles to find the balance and achieve victory more easily.

These can be recruited throughout the game’s story mode, making them can give your entire team a boost. Archie and Kygore gain a passive ability that makes it rain on the battlefield, a move that helps with their other attacks, while Maxie and Groudon gain a new attack called Precipice Blades that hits all of your enemies at once.

Kyogre and Groudon, the stars of this event

groudon kyogre

The event, called “Owners of the land and the sea”, incorporates two of the most powerful Legendary Pokémon of the third generation: Kyogre Y Groudon. The first arrives accompanied by Achilles, forming a 5-star couple and a Special attack very powerful. The latter can go even higher thanks to “Special X”, A tool that will increase the attack by two levels. The two movements are Primal Pulse Y Thunder, which will be enhanced when Kyogre uses his passive ability Rain inlet.

On the other hand, Great will accompany Groudon, also forming a 5-star couple and the function Attack. Both stand out for their great power when attacking, which will exploit it in movements Edge of the Abyss Y Solar ray. Thanks to Groudon’s passive ability, Radiant entrance, will increase the effectiveness of these at the beginning of the battle, causing the weather to change to sunny.

These creatures can be obtained through the Pokéfestival recruitment, which has also recently been incorporated. As you already know, we will have to be very lucky in the 5 attempts that we have, since being 5 stars the probability is quite low. The event will be available until next time June 14th, and as rewards we will get up to 750 jewels and coins to acquire objects. If you have not started this adventure yet, you can download the game from this link.