New Halloweeks game mode and soundtrack

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Table of Contents

Obviously not only does it incorporate that, which is to say, but the update implements some additional elements. Not that they are tremendously relevant to winning games in the battle royale, but they are interesting to mention.


Halloweeks game mode and POWER4 virtual band

The new games that we can play in the game mode are completely focused on a more terrifying and dark environment. In the Halloweeks mode of this PUBG Mobile, the zombie camps will appear in four locations spread around the map containing wandering zombies and valuable boxes. When all the zombies in a camp are killed, the corresponding boxes will open, providing teams with valuable rewards.

halloweek pubg mobile

Besides that, four new roaming bosses they have a chance to appear in these zombie camps, who stalk approaching players and attack them to increase their energy. It becomes a case of having to defeat these bosses and at the same time deal with the overwhelming zombie force.

Finally, what this update adds is a new soundtrack that will be present during navigation in the menus and when we drive a vehicle on the map. The band is called ‘POWER4’, making their debut with a song called “Nothing’s Getting In Our Way” that talks about self-improvement and the incentive of teamwork. Not only that, but we can take the outfits worn by the four members of the band with his style of metal rock.

Infection Mode Returns to PUBG Mobile

In addition to this event, although it has been circulating for a few days, it is that until November we have another game mode waiting for us in PUBG Mobile. This is Infection Mode, which rather returns to the game of battle royale after just one year of absence, coincidentally in the Halloween edition last year.

pubg mobile infection mode

This game mode will have the players divided into two teams at the beginning of the match, Zombies and Defenders. It is up to the Zombies to kill all the Defenders before the time runs out. If only one of them manages to survive, the remaining Defenders will secure the coveted and popular Chicken dinner. The Defenders will carry preset weapons and the Zombies will only be able to attack melee.