New Google Pixel 5: features, price, availability …

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The coronavirus has had a notable influence on Google’s release schedule throughout this 2020. It was not until August when the brand officially presented the Pixel 4a, a device whose launch in Spain we already knew. Another model that was eagerly awaited is the Google Pixel 5, which is finally made official.

The Google Pixel 5 has been leaking these past months, showing that it was going to be a different phone for Google. Fortunately, after weeks of rumors and leaks about this new Google flagship, it has already been officially presented. What can we expect from this model?

Technical characteristics Google Pixel 5

New Google Pixel 5: features, price, availability ...

  • Screen:
    • Diagonal: 6 inches.
    • Resolution: 2400 x 1080 pixels.
    • Aspect ratio: 20: 9.
    • Technology: AMOLED.
    • Refresh rate: 90 Hz.
  • Performance:
    • Snapdragon 765G processor.
    • 8 GB of RAM.
    • 128 GB of internal storage.
  • Cameras:
    • 12.2 Mpx main sensor.
    • 16MP ultra wide angle camera.
    • 8 Mpx front camera.
  • Drums:
    • Capacity: 4080 mAh.
    • 18W fast charge.
    • Wireless charging: Yes.
  • Measurements:144.6 x 70.4 x 8 mm.
  • Weight:151 grams.
  • Connectivity: 5G, 4G / LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, GLONASS …
  • Others:
    • Recycled aluminum body.
    • IP68 protection.

The new Pixel is official

New Google Pixel 5: features, price, availability ... 1

The Pixel 5 is finally official, the new Google phone. Unlike previous years, the brand does not leave us with a high-end range, but rather a more powerful model within the mid-range has been presented, since Snapdragon 765G is used as processor. A chip that we have seen a lot in the mid-range in 2020, which gives good performance, in addition to providing the phone with 5G connectivity, being the first generation of the brand to be compatible.

New Google Pixel 5: features, price, availability ...

Device design leaked weeks ago, with a 6-inch size AMOLED screen, which has a perforation in it. It is a design that is identical to that of the Pixel 4a, in addition to saying goodbye to last year’s notch, which was not too popular with users. With this design, the front of the phone is better used, for a more immersive user experience at all times. In this perforation is located its front camera, 8 Mpx.

New Google Pixel 5: features, price, availability ... 2

The Google Pixel 5 leaves us with a large battery4,080 mAh, something unusual for the brand. Thanks to this battery, it should have a good autonomy, especially in combination with the processor used in it. It will have support for 18W fast charging, and they do not leave us without wireless charging. And yes, it will also waterproof.

Double chamber

New Google Pixel 5: features, price, availability ...

One of the main doubts with this model was whether or not it was going to have a double camera, since the Pixel 4a came with a single sensor. The leaks that have arrived this summer on the phone already let us see that a double camera was going to be a reality, there were even doubts about whether it would be a triple rear camera, but Google has opted for a double camera in this model.

This time we find a 12.2MP main sensor and 16MP ultra wide angle. A combination with which you can obtain great images, thanks to Google software, which will make this Pixel 5 one of the most prominent phones in photography on Android.

New Google Pixel 5: features, price, availability ... 3

Price and availability

A little over a week ago it leaked what was going to be the price of this Pixel 5 in Europe. The new Google flagship would arrive at a price of 629 euros in stores, a high price, which could undoubtedly make its journey in the market difficult. Finally, Google has confirmed the price today, in countries like Germany.

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