New Google Chrome menu for its Android version

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Table of Contents

After the changes in the incognito mode and after several years in which the Google Chrome menu has been basically the same, but with more options, version 86 of the browser finally put some order, although optional. In addition, this new distribution meant activating it through the flags Chrome, a place not accessible to everyone. Now this change is automatic and we don’t need the experimental options menu.

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New Google Chrome menu for Android

This new menu is now being activated to users without the need to touch any Chrome flag, although in its most basic version, with icons, but without the regrouping of the elements in categories with separators between them. However, this additional menu becomes a much more customizable site, since the appearance can be changed with light touches.

new menu google chrome android

In spite of everything, the appearance of this new menu makes it much easier to find the option we want thanks to these icons so indicative and intuitive. For the rest, we have the same number of sections as in versions of yesteryear. For example, the inclusion of a new option or tool for managing the browser, such as a direct access to the flags Chrome.

How to customize the new menu

However, the advantage of this redesign and changes in the additional or contextual menu is that it allows make slight changes to customize it. Once again, and it is already the nth, we can do it from chrome: // flags, especially to configure what we mentioned before about the regrouping of the sections in categories.

Although it does not appear by default, the truth is that it can be changed if we look for the command # tabbed-app-overflow-menu-regroup. Next, we change its value to “Enabled”, right in the context menu that appears. In this way, the sections will be grouped by utilities and separated by a fine line, so that the menu is much clearer and more organized.

new menu google chrome flags

But also, now Chrome allows you to modify another element that does not go unnoticed by everyone. And is that due to this redesign, the shortcuts at the top of the menu are much more prominent and visible, so it may be annoying or unnecessary to have so many options in that part. So if you find that the top of the menu has too many buttons, you can change the flag #tabbed-app-overflow-menu-three-button-actionbar to include only three buttons and, incidentally, choose if you want the download links and bookmarks to have action buttons or not.